Thursday, March 30, 2006

That 1 Guy Made Me Do It

I was minding my own business when Joe, that 1 guy over at Drunken Wisdom sent me an email.

I haven't been doing very good at keeping up with blogs, so I've decided to make up for it by punishing you guys with a meme. Heheheh...

I'd say that you don't really have to do it, but I won't. Do it, or no drinks when we meet...

Now... although painfully delinquent... I have finally completed my freakin' assignment... I admit this one was fun... You can find Joe's post here.

The rules for this meme:

  1. Choose a search engine
  2. Pick 5 random blogfriends
  3. Think of a word or phrase that describes each friend
  4. Do an image search of that word or phrase
  5. Pick an image that makes you say, "Aha! That's it!"
  6. By the way-- if you see your name below... Tag.... You're it!!! (Although, you do not have to participate if you don't want to...)

Michael from Scootertrash Conservative

Don from The Truckin' Blog
Lone Ranger from Important Stuff or Not

Diane from Diane's Stuff

Master Jedi Rob from Beware the Dark Side

And a big thank you to Joe from Drunken Wisdom! That was fun!


Diane has completed her meme.


Michael's new toy-

Now I want one... Man... very cool... 30GB... and to think our first computer was to 2GB.... AFTER we upgraded.... amazing... simply amazing....

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Busy Boobs

Partly Cloudy - Hi 85 Lo 62 for Baghdad, Iraq
Mostly Cloudy - Hi 45 Lo 29 for Northern KY, USA

Song of the week: When September Comes, Rosanne Cash

Rosanne Cash has a new album called Black Cadillac. The Sunday song is not on the album, but I bring this album to your attention because it is an amazing collection. From 2003 to 2005, she lost her stepmother, father, stepsister, and mother.

"The songs on this record were written in a two year period from Spring 2003 to Spring 2005, a span of time bracketed by the loss of two mothers: my stepmother June Carter Cash in May, 2003 and my mother Vivian Liberto Cash Distin in May 2005. In between their deaths, I lost my father, Johnny Cash in September 2003.

[...]Some of these songs were written with a foreboding, some as an attempt to heal, some in anger, some in grief, some in defiance of the public appropriation of grief, some in gratitude for a shared experience and some in denial, some in complete loss of faith, and some in renewal of faith, some in confusion and sadness and some in peace. All helped me to live with the questions and to bow down to those things in my heart which I can never fully understand.

Loss is cumulative.

But so is poetry, and art, and faith, and love.
I know now that what survives of my parents, what is truly mine are their best qualities, which I am free to adopt and the accumulation of their millions of acts of service to me.

Loss was a door to appreciation, and to a new sense of my own ancestry. I also came to understand relationships founded on love do not end when one person leaves the planet."

Rosanne Cash
October 2005


For the past month, I have been dealing off and on with my boobs.... [deep sigh]. I had a mammogram done back in February. Now if you aren't familiar with what this is... a sadistic technician takes the breast which is then placed on a firm flat x-ray surface and a gentle, but firm pressure is applied to the breast using a mammogram compression device. This compression can cause a degree of discomfort in some women, but it is usually a painless procedure. Yah!! Translation: your boob is wrestled onto a freezing cold surface, and then smashed horizontally and then vertically by a vice grip.... then the patient has to be really still while the x-ray is taken... painless my butt.... ok. so that happened in February...

So, about a week later, I get a phone call, "Yes, Cathy there were some issues with the prints that were taken on the mobile unit. You will need to come to the hospital to have them taken again.... You see, Cathy, when the prints were developed, for whatever reason there were streaks on the prints and we don't have real clear pictures of your breasts. Unfortunately, there were several women that will have to have films taken again. I apologize for this inconvenience."

"WHAAAAATTTTT?????!!!!!!!! Good freaking grief...."

OK... so I made another appointment but then a few day later, my doctor calls me. "Hi Cath, well, I know you are aware of the results from your mammogram, but there is no need for alarm at this point in time. Have you scheduled another appointment?"

"Wait... back up doc, whaddya mean, no need for alarm?"

"Well, the shadow behind your right nipple. We just need to have that checked out."

"WHAAAATTTTT SHADOW???!!!! Nah nah nah... I think something is screwy here... Dr. I received a call from the hospital explaining that my x-rays were streaked and needed to be retaken. Nothing was said about a FREAKING SHADOW!! What does that mean??"

My doctor explained that there is a shadow that was not on my baseline mammogram taken a few years prior. So after I peeled myself off the ceiling, I went back to my normal routine, complaining and whining about work... you know... stuff... I had other stuff to do...

So, on Tuesday, I went to St. Elizabeth's Women's Wellness Center. Wow... was I impressed... It was like walking into a spa...It was absolutely beautiful. It was warm and welcoming with gorgeous comfortable furniture and decor. I was greeted and helped immediately. I was thinking to myself.... Well good, I'll have my boobs smashed again and get a manicure at the same time...

So, I'm taken back to a changing room (just like Mitchells!) There were 4 changing rooms to every waiting room. The changing rooms and the waiting room were brightly lit and again, pretty decor. Reading material and a plasma screen television showing how to do self exams.... Side note for any pervs... they would love this... because the video is real women with naked bosoms checking for abnormalities... real women... young, old, thin, big... all there... I was kind of stunned... OK... anyway, I was shown where to put my clothing and given a top to wear.

I was then whisked away to one of the x-ray rooms where the technician said we were just doing reprints... I told her about the conversation I had with my doctor along with a postcard I had received in the mail just that morning. She looked baffled... but she took it in stride and countered with "Well, we'll just start with the reprints and see where this takes us."

"Great... let the boob smashing commence."

OK. Great, so she takes the pictures, 2 of each (remember, horizontally and vertically). She runs off to look at them and tells me she'll be right back. And she does come right back with more good news. She needs to take 2 more pics of my right boob because there is a shadow behind my right nipple... Greaattttt...that has "officially" been established. So, she prepares the x-ray machine, only this time, the platform and smashing device are smaller... so, "It's going to hurt a little more."

Even better! Yah baby! Wooo! OK, so same thing happens... she takes 2 more pics of my right girl and then runs off and says she'll be right back, and yes it was uncomfortable and yes, damnit, it did hurt. She ran off again and once again said she'd be right back. And she did come back with even more fun news... "We, need to take a couple more pictures."

What is it? Is it cancer? Am I going to die???? What the hell?
This time the pictures are taken at an angle... basically this is the angle of the 2 new pics: X marks the spot...

I kid you not... this time she said, "You will need to tell me when to stop compressing your breast. You will need to tell me when you can not stand the pain."

OH - MY - GOD! Needless to say, I took as much as I could and when tears started streaming down my face, I knew that was my "pain threshold". "OKAY!!!!!! STOP NOW PLEASE!!"
My technician apologized through the whole thing. Once the pictures were taken, she ran off one more time and said she'd be right back... and she did come right back... with the doctor. The doctor was an attractive 40 something. She had great clothes and great accessories and a great "bedside" manner. "Cathy, I've reviewed your prints, and there is a shadow that we need to look at a little more closely. Typically, we would have the ultrasound done right away, but our technicians have gone for the day. So, we need you to come in tomorrow."

"Do I need to be worried, Doctor?

"No. Let's get the ultrasound done and then we'll know what to do". Total time at the hospital--- 30 minutes... amazing... I was expecting to be there at minimum 1 hour.

I went back to the hospital on Wednesday and had the ultrasound done... I arrived and the 2nd day was no different than the 1st day. Same feel... Spa... I'm at a spa... They get my information and get me back in a changing room and I'm immediately taken back to another room to have the ultrasound completed. As the ultrasound is being completed I get to watch and I ask questions. Now typically, I have found technicians will not speak to you. The response is usually, "we need to leave that for the doctor to review..." In today's world, fear of lawsuits is the driving factor... There are a 2 shadows. One right behind my nipple and one close to the muscle. My technician points them out to me. "See those white areas... that is what we are looking at." I asked her, what she thought it might be. She stopped and looked me in the eyes and said, "I know that this one is a cyst. NOTHING to be worried about. I'm going to leave this other one one for the doctor to look at, I think it is a cyst based on all the others I have seen, but I'm not the doctor and she really needs to make that call." At that point she finished taking screen prints and said she'd be right back with the doctor to go over them, because the doctor may want to see live shots as well. In five minutes the technician and the same doctor I spoke to the previous day came back to the room. The doctor took a look at the shadows and announced that they were cysts, that there was nothing to do and that I had a lot of "activity" going on with my breast... that they were "busy". This comment for whatever reason made me laugh.... Here I am on a table with my right boob hanging out and the doctor refers to them as being busy... She and the technician started to laugh too, and the doctor felt compelled to offer more of an explanation... there is a lot going on with your breast... a lot of fibrous tissue... a lot to look at... nothing needs to be done about the cysts, but we will need to see you in 6 months just to see how they look. She apologized profusely about the mix up and the problems with the mobile unit. She explained that it was just a comedy of errors and she wanted to thank me for my patience and sense of humor about the situation. She is saying this and my only response is, "I have busy boobs... my husband will have to call 'the girls' to schedule an appointment, after all they are busy..." Total time at the hospital: 20 minutes...

My point in sharing this stupid little story, is that in the great scheme of things... We have come a long way. I went and had this same process done with a similar result a couple of years ago, but it took 90 minutes for the first day and another hour for the follow up. It was in a cold dark medicinal room with chrome and ugly lighting. I was so worked up after the follow up visit I fell completely apart and broke down into tears when the doctor said there was nothing to worry about. Part of the anxiety of dealing with this is the emotional stress we put on ourselves. St. Elizabeth and countless other hospitals are finding that creating an inviting atmosphere and taking care of the patient quickly and efficiently minimizes the anxiety. Yes, the actual procedure was painful, but I've dealt with worse. Besides it was only temporary...I now have peace of mind and in hindsight it was good for a chuckle.

Now, for the public service announcement:

So, ladies... if you are 35, get your baseline mammogram. If you are between 35 and 50 you should be going every other year and after 50 you should be going every year. If you are worried, go with a friend or relative, just go and get it done...

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Joe, That 1 Guy from Drunken Wisdom has sent me a meme that requires my participation. This will mean lots of thought on my part, so it will be up later this week.

Green Marines - For Marines By Marines. These are Marines... not Saints... keep that in mind when perusing this site and remember you were warned. *Half of all proceeds from this site are donated to the Injured Marines Semper Fi Fund. Please visit their sponsors

Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

That's Something To Be Proud Of

Partly Cloudy- Hi 82 Lo 59 for Baghdad, Iraq
Mostly Sunny- Hi 47 Lo 29 for Northern KY, USA

Song of the week: Something to Be Proud Of, Montgomery Gentry -- you hate country? Then don't listen to the music--- listen to the lyrics.... I like these guys--- they also spent some time running with the USO entertaining our bravest... It's ok to secretly like country music... I won't tell anyone... swear.

I am always awestruck by certain kinds of people. I gravitate toward those I find to be kind and giving and selfless in their actions. I'm sure that's why I hold our fighting men and women past and present in such high esteem... Although many of us thank them, their job is a thankless one... the dangers of combat, complaints from nut jobs here in the states and thankless countries around the world...make their fight difficult. Always- always raise a glass to these men and women... With Monday being the anniversary of the beginning of the War in Iraq, it is critical that we say thank you to these men and women. Anti war protesters (anti America) will criticize our soldiers, our country, our president. Michael and I will do our part and fly the flag and go to work and support our president and our military. I ask you to do the same.

This week, remember our allies, remember our men and women fighting to keep us safe.


The weekend has been too nice to miss... I'm writing this at 5:30am... so, nothing was done to improve this site.

** 6:00am-- Blogger is being difficult (I'm too sleepy to use profanity) and it is not letting me post photos... I have some nice pictures that I found and will add to this post once Blogger decides to behave...

Blogs and Links to Check Out This Week:

Mil Tracker Has anyone seen Phil? He isn't here or here or even here! I tried dropping him a note, but did not receive a response. If anyone hears from him, just let me know that he is all right.

Sisyphus Today He is no longer in Iraq, but he is still posting. Go check out Dean. Read this post especially--- powerful stuff.

Check out Sal at Lamps and Liars. She has light commentary and great linkage to interesting topics.

Take a minute to leave a message of thanks here for our troops. Operation Dear Abby is an easy way to let our bravest know we are thinking about them, that we appreciate what they are doing for us and that we pray for their safe return.

There's a story that my daddy tells religiously
Like clockwork every time he sees an opening
In a conversation about the way things used to be
Well I'd just roll my eyes and make a bee-line for the door
But I'd always wind up starry-eyed, cross-legged on the floor
Hanging on to every word
Man, the things I heard

It was harder times and longer days
Five miles to school, uphill both ways
We were cane switch raised, and dirt floor poor
'Course that was back before the war
Yeah, your uncle and I made quite a pair
Flying F-15's through hostile air
He went down but they missed me by a hair
He'd always stop right there and say...

That's something to be proud of
That's a life you can hang your hat on
That's a chin held high as the tears fall down
A gut sucked in, a chest stuck out
Like a small town flag a-flyin'
Or a newborn baby cryin'
In the arms of the woman that you love
That's something to be proud of

So I'm graduatin' college, that was mama's dream
But I was on my way to anywhere else when I turned 18
Cuz when you gotta fast car you think you've got everything
I learned quick those GTO's don't run on faith
I ended up broken down in some town north of L.A.
Working maximum hours for minimum wage
Well, I fell in love, next thing I know
The babies came, the car got slow
I sure do miss that old hot rod
But you sure save gas in them foreign jobs
Dad, I wonder if I ever let you down
If you're ashamed how I turned out
Well, he lowered his voice, then he raised his brow
Said, lemme tell ya right now

That's something to be proud of
That's a life you can hang your hat on
You don't need to make a million
Just be thankful to be workin'
If you're doing what you're able
And putting food there on the table
And providing for the family that you love
That's something to be proud of

And if all you ever really do is the best you can
Well, you did it man

That's something to be proud of
That's a life you can hang your hat on
That's a chin held high as the tears fall down
A gut sucked in, a chest stuck out
Like a small town flag a-flyin'
Or a newborn baby cryin'
In the arms of the woman that you love
That's something to be proud of
That's something to be proud of
Yeah, that's something to be proud of
That's something to be proud of
Now that's something to be proud of

Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Bill Clinton is a Celibate Priest!


Where Bill Clinton Is A Celibate Priest!

REV. CLINTON considers his body a chaste and holy temple -- in this universe. By MICHAEL ROVIN


Story courtesy of WWN

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Cath's Marching.........Maybe.....

Partly Cloudy - Hi 76 Lo 50 for Baghdad, Iraq
Rain - Hi 68 Lo 52 for Northern KY, USA

Song of the week:
Ants Marching, Dave Matthews Band

Bonus Saturday Song: Saturday in the Park, Chicago

I have been in a rut and I have no one to blame but myself.

My job is out of control. Without going into too much detail I love my job, I love my customers, I love a small group of people that I refer to as my safety net in our corporate location as well as in our manufacturing plants. OK---a little more detail....I'm in military sales- I get completely geeked out on the product I sell and where it is used... if you only knew... you'd think... good freakin' grief woman... get a freakin' life! The joint is hoppin'... I get to speak to guys on the front lines as well as the big military contractors for immediate needs as well as long term DOD budgeted projects. Long term budgets are being cut to fund the immediate needs of the war- not a good thing...
For those that know me.... this job has my name written all over it... so why the whining?? I hate the politics in today's corporate environment. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it!!!! I have only been with this company for 5 years and I have been witness to mediocrity, laziness, and apathy. Prior to my current job, I was with another company for 10 years... where I worked my way up through the ranks. I loved that job too, but became overwhelmed by the politics there as well... until I could no longer stand it. At that time I made the conscious decision that a career was no longer critical to my well being and self identity. My objective at my current job is to keep it separate from my personal life and to collect 26 paychecks a year. I am a classic Type A personality and that creates all kinds of heartache and grief, not to mention the fact that I was raised by a woman that worked 18 - 20 hours 7 days a week while my brother and I grew up. Some of that was bound to rub off.... and it did... my brother is a nutcase Type A too for another big corporation...his personal drive has him overseeing a number of plants in the U.S., Mexico, and China. This is what he and I have in common.... 1) hard working 2) efficient 3) loyal 4) honest and integrity 5) self motivated and self disciplined 6) and an intense dislike for laziness---- slackers annoy the crap out of me.... 7) he and I buy all the crap and strive to put it into motion. --I.E. Lean, Six Sigma 8) and Cath just loves a cool flow chart....

Now, although I have brought some balance to my life, the driving force that is me can not change the way I do a job. I'm still passionate and hell bent on doing an outstanding job and I must make a concerted effort to not bring the job home with me.... The annoyances are severe and causes me mental frustration and then subsequently manifests in physical illness. It is unclear whether the issues I face are long term or strictly temporary.
I have had a couple of people tell me about some positions that are right up my alley- at least on paper. I also have an open invitation to return to my old company.

So I have a decision to make. Do I stay and figure out what I need to do to make my life at work tolerable despite the many inefficiencies I see and continue to witness the political posturing that makes me crazy? Or do I go elsewhere and start all over again running the risk of the grass not being greener... I spoke to my brother at length this weekend and Michael will support any decision I make. Terry gently reminded me that I really need to be think this completely through. Let's face it, starting a new job can be just as trying as enduring the pain and suffering of a current position. I have been working on my pros and cons list. I have not updated my resume in five years (BAD GIRL- but see number 3... despite the lack of reciprocal loyalty in today's corporate environment, I still find myself toeing the corporate line.) My brother also gently reminded me I'm at "that" age. When you are 40 (+/-2 years) you really need to get to the job and company you want to retire from... Gender and race are irrelevant if you are 45+ when trying to locate a new job... If you are 50, it doesn't matter whether you are male or female, black or white.... you, my friend, are damaged goods and are set in your antiquated ways.... besides... you requirements for salary and vacation...are completely unrealistic and unreasonable when compared to say a 25 year old. Ah, but I have experience!! Yeah, but most of the time that doesn't matter anymore... just quit your whining and refer to the bloody flow chart and get back to work....

**Take a test to see if you are a Type A Personality.

My Test Results
Personality Type A
Your score = 91 out of 100

"You seem to have a Type A personality. Type A personality is characterized by an exaggerated sense of time urgency, competitiveness, anger and hostility. People who share certain characteristics with you are often concerned with the acquisition of objects and generally dissatisfied with the world, including oneself. You don't know how and when to relax. People probably get tense around you, and they tend to feel threatened in your presence. Continuous stress and allowing unexpressed feelings to pile up are not good for your health. You should start learning how to relax, to let go, and enjoy life. Work on your communication skills. Try to take it easy and be lazy sometimes. It might be hard and it would take some effort, but you certainly know how to pick up a challenge.

**posters courtesy of Despair. Click on images to enlarge.


I cleaned the house.... bully for me. I got a couple of art projects completed. I have the skeleton set up for a new blog that Michael, Rob and I are thinking about doing jointly... Did nothing here on my blog... Spring is everywhere.... (except at work...)

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  • The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns - Everyone knows this woman and if you don't- ya gotta check her out. Funny and cutting... I've been visiting her for a long time... not sure why I never put her on my blogroll.... That's been rectified.... I'm on her random blogroll... is that a good thing?
  • Visit Mark My Shots for beautiful photography.
  • Michael and I make a couple of visits a year down to Maysville, KY. It is a beautiful old rivertown with a wonderful history... Maysville was a key to the Underground Railroad... Maysville Kentucky Blog. George Clooney is from the next town over, Augusta--- despite his good looks, we are all sooooooooooo (seething with sarcasm) proud... Why does he have to continually open his mouth? Why?

Military Blogs:

  • Akinoluna is making her way back to the states. Here posts have been fun to read. As her tagline reads..."No gritty battle stories here, somebody's gotta do the paperwork for this war"
  • Daisy Cutter - Culture, National Security, Liberty - A Marine....
  • My favorite Marine blogger in Iraq was Capt B from One Marine's View. He is home... as you saw my link from yesterday. His posts were heartfelt and they were graphic. But it gave us an opportunity to see things from his perspective and why we should be there. I will miss him. Stop by his sight and drop him a note of thanks.

And all the little ants are marching
Red and black antennas waving
They all do it the same
They all do it the same way

Have a great week everyone!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

He is Home

My favorite blogging Marine is home. I will miss his posts, but I thank him for his service. Stop by his place and welcome this warrior home.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


I can't remember where I saw this, so my apologies for not giving proper credit. If I visited you and you had this on your blog, let me know- I'll make it up to you!

You Are a Plain Ole Cup of Joe

But don't think plain - instead think, uncomplicated
You're a low maintenance kind of girl... who can hang with the guys
Down to earth, easy going, and fun! Yup, that's you: the friend everyone invites.
And your dependable too. Both for a laugh and a sympathetic ear.

I think Michael would disagree with the low maintenance part, although listening to some of the women I work with... I KNOW I am low maintenance....
We're halfway through the week fellas!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Hello Kitty Creeps Me Out...

Mostly Sunny - Hi 77 Lo 54 for Baghdad, Iraq
Partly Cloudy - Hi 49 Lo 36 for Northern KY, USA

Song of the week: Say Hello, Deep Dish

Saturday Night Special:
Saturday in the Park, Chicago

I was introduced to Hello Kitty around 1975... I've never been a big fan, but having a Japanese heritage, it was inevitable that people will just assume you like all things Japanese... Now despite my pride in my heritage, I freely admit that some of the things that the Japanese find interesting lean toward the, how shall we say... uhh... bizarre side... Now, Hello Kitty on the surface seems wholesome and sweet, but behind those charcoal dots for eyes....lurks evil...pure evil....

"She has no mouth because she speaks from the heart, in no one particular language." Riiiiiggggghhhhtttttt!

A few years ago, Target did a commercial and it included Hello Kitty crap... Target commercials are modern yet retro... vibrant and hip. Do you remember the Motorola "Hel-lo Mo-to" commercials? Same thing... except instead of saying Hello Moto... the hollow, computerized monotone voice over would chant "Hello Kit-ty"... Not skipping a beat, Michael would immediately chime in and say... "Hel-lo Kit-ty... Kill my moth-er... kill my fath-er... wor-ship sa-tan". I still laugh just thinking about it. If anything had a subliminal message it was this commercial... Hello Kitty is sickenly sweet saccharine...There is a dark side to this cute kitty, but this is a PG rated blog... if you don't know about the dark side of Hello Kitty, well... good.... and if you do know about the dark side of this marketing masterpiece... you know why I'm creeped out....

Rob's wife JoAnna, sent me an email filled with pictures of a Hello Kitty Jet... good grief! EVA Air based in Taiwan knows how to boost sales...


love the kimono

1st class binto box... looks really tasty!


Hello Kitty Stuff:

* Sanrio's Hello Kitty.
* Go here for Hello Kitty, Japan
**** A Pyscho...logical test performed by Hello Kitty...
* Get your Hello Kitty Stratocaster here.

there should be an age limit....

Would Erich Kunzel do this?

Additional information provided by Wikipedia & Master Jedi Rob.


I think I changed the font size and widened the middle column... I changed a couple of things on the side bar... nothing dramatic and nothing to aid in your viewing pleasure...

Blogs and Links to Check Out This Week:

* Cutie Pie Officer Candidate Phil has turned the light off at Camp Katrina, but has opened the doors at MilTracker. Go read the Good News about our military.

* Rusten Currie was one of the first military blogs I ever read... His passionate words were found at Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum. Rusten is back from the war and has opened a new blog, The Road Ahead. Take a moment to thank this man.

* Cute Overload - The title speaks for itself. A sampling of what you will find::

...and if that picture isn't enough... then well, this is for Michael... and yes that is a baby squirrel impersonating a puppy...

*** One final note before I go, I need it to be known that I may not be a Hello Kitty fan, but I do love my girls...that is the Power Puff Girls...

pint sized super heroes saving the world before bedtime!

and if that doesn't do it for you... go to Japan Window and see the compelling photography of the father of these two cutie pies.

Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

An Iris for Carlo, nothing for the Geography teacher...

In my previous post I showed you what I had blooming in my garden last Thursday... This is what I saw when I came home from work today, just before my head exploded listening to this...
H/T to girlfriend WonderWoman for sending me over to visit her girlfriend, Michelle... seriously... my head exploded listening to this guy... please tell me not all teachers are like this one...

Just look at my little dwarf iris and think.... ahhhh.... Spring.... soon....


I took this picture last Thursday... a wonderful sign that spring is right around the corner!