Monday, September 11, 2006

Remembering 2996

* last updated 9/26/06

I want to thank everyone that has done a tribute. As I read through them, it is so apparent that this has become a labor of love. I will update and add links to this post of those I find especially moving.

**Lester Vincent Marino has been remembered by Ben and Noah- these bright, cute, little guys are 6 and 4 years old. Noah's tribute here and Ben's tribute here. To echo Dale, this one will make you cry. #343
** Lieutenant William McGinn is remembered by Simply Left Behind
** Firefighter Francis Esposito is remembered by The Unending Journey of the Wandering Author
** Eight Year Old Zoe Falkenberg is remembered by Volcanic Sacrifices
** Donna Wilson is remembered by Celebration of My Existence
** Terrence E. Adderly is remembered by Plancks Constant
** Welles Remy Crowther is remembered by Smooth Stone

Also, as I read them, I will be linking to all the tributes for the passengers and crew of United Flight 93.
* Flight Attendant, Cee Cee Lyles remembered by WardWideWeb
* Passenger, Mark Bingham remembered by Whispering from the Wings
* Passenger, Joseph DeLuca remembered by Kristonia Ink
* Flight Attendant, Lorraine Bay remembered by Blonde Sagacity

Here is a link to the blogroll for all participants.

DCRoe will be doing this again in 2007, he has the website set up already--Project 2996

2996 Blogroll


Carl said...

Cathy, thank you for mentioning my tribute.

MrsGreenThumb said...

Cathy, I tried to write a comment on your post about all the terror attacks. Blogger would not let me post it.

Thank you for visiting my post in which I pay tribute to Catherine A. Nardella. She was a lovely young woman, a credit to our society.

I feel privileged to participate in the 2996 project to remmember the victims of that unforgettable day. Thank you for your comment on my blog.

Cathy said...

Carl, thank you for stopping by. I expect my tribute to be up by tonight. Your tribute was heartfelt and well written - thank you so much.

Mrs Greenthumb, than you as well. I apologize but I'm having problems with blogger at present. As you may or may not see my sidebar has decided to migrate south... Your post was touching and I thank you for rememebering Catherine.