Sunday, November 11, 2007

Millersburg, Ohio

Michael and I went up to Holmes County, Ohio last weekend to spend some time in the clean crisp air of Amish country. Like all previous trips we had a lovely time.

Here are a few not very good photos... (click on them to enlarge)

We stop by a farm/store run by Mennonites and they also have a bunch of farmyard animals running around... Michael and I named this "furry" creature Kitten Chicken.Is it a horse, mule or zebra? Whatever... very sweet animal... This made us chuckle... we knew people could be "on the wagon", just had no idea that pumpkins were afflicted with the same sort of problems... I actually took some good shots of this... (this one- not included) but in my attempt to be "artistic" and capture the basic labors of the Amish... I neglected to see the beer bottle... Amish drink beer?

The courthouse


Peakah said...

Wow, awesome pictures!

Jedi Master Rob said...

We want to go with you guys next year.