Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Song, An American in Paris

Sunny - Hi 79 Lo 54 for Baghdad, Iraq
Sunny - Hi 86 Lo 49 for Qandahar, Afghanistan
Mostly Cloudy - Hi 46 Lo 30 for Northern KY, USA

Song of the week: An American in Paris, George Gershwin

One of my all time favorite movies has got to be An American in Paris. The clip above is from the 15 minute ballet sequence at the end of the movie. Beyond my love and adoration of Gene Kelly, this ending sequence personifies every reason I love musicals. The music of Gershwin takes you from beginning to end in this wonderful MGM musical. Vincente Minnelli captures a mood and directs this film flawlessly. Gene Kelly understood how the camera would see the dancing and knew how to set cameras for the most impact for me, the viewer... each perfectly choreographed scene took you to the precise place and moment and set you on an emotional ride... If you have never seen this movie... see it...

I can't remember when I first saw this musical.. I was little... 8 or 9... I just remember forever having a crush on Gene Kelly... my gosh he was probably 40 at the time of this movie... add him to the list of other older men... Yul Brynner... Cary Grant... Jimmy Stewart... I digress... However, I do remember having an epiphany when I was about 13 or 14 and realized that the final scene- ballet sequence was French Impressionist paintings that had come to life... wow... absolutely incredible... Gene Kelly played an aspiring artist... American ex-Pat, who stayed in Paris after WWII... so it makes sense that Impressionist works of art would be used as settings and back drops... The clip above is by far one of the sexiest, most intimate routines I have ever seen (The Gotta Dance ballet in Singin' in the Rain with Cyd Charisse comes pretty close... but that was seduction... a different kind of mating ritual). Look at the colors... the vibrant look is definitely influenced by Van Gogh... the orange the red... the blue... masterpiece...

Other Thoughts:

What is hate? Hearing the clip below, knowing the words were spoken in a church... it makes it crystal clear this man is an anti-semite... a Jew hater.... a hate America first kind of guy.... words can not describe how unsettling this is....

Have a great week everyone!

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