Sunday, June 12, 2005

Coshocton, Ohio

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Hello All!

As you can see, I'm fumbling through this whole "blog thing". Hopefully, you will see improvements in my technical ability as time progresses. My main objective is to keep the content interesting or at least mildly amusing. Your feedback is requested and appreciated unless it hurts my feelings then "foe- Get abouuut it".

It seems to me that today is the perfect day to stretch out on the couch, read the newspaper, watch an old movie, possibly piddle around in my craft room (known as the purple room). The movie I'm contemplating is Philadelphia Story starring Katherine Hepburn, James Stewart, and Cary Grant. I love that movie. Three actors that were wonderfully diverse in their acting abilities.... All three quite funny in this gem.

Yesterday Michael and I drove up to Coshocton, Ohio. It's east of Columbus.... Waaayyyy east of Columbus. We went to a place called Roscoe Village- I think it was about a 3 hour drive. Roscoe Village was a 19th century canal town. The canal was lost due to flood. Someone explain this to me. Honestly, losing a CANAL to a flood--- don't canals and floods both involve water??? In any event, it is a restored town. There are shops and tours that you can take. We visited the Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum. Also, a nice little find. Roscoe Village is quite pretty and as Michael put it, "scrubbed and very clean for such an old town - too clean." **play conspiracy music now**

We want to get to Amish Country - if any of you are familiar with where to go that isn't real touristy please let me know.

This time of year, Michael and I love to tour old historic homes--- a great one is Whitehall. If you haven't been there, I highly recommend it. Great history and a great man- Cassius Clay. If you are familiar with some historic home tours in the tristate area, please let me know.

As some of you know, I belong to a conservative organization called The Beacon - Informed Patriotism. Along with being active politically and making certain that the boys in Washington know my thoughts, my real passion within the organization is our Support Our Troops Committee. We have adopted 3 active duty soldiers/Marine. We send monthly care packages to all 3- things we believe they need and when possible small luxury items to bring them some comforts of home. The most important thing I feel we do is offer our support to these brave men. If you are interested in helping/donating items, please contact me through this blog.


  • Take Back the Memorial -This one is important. Please show your support to this effort.
  • Roscoe Village -Make sure when and if you go, you have other "stuff" on your itinerary...
  • The Johnson-Humrickhouse Museuem -A beautiful collection of Indian textiles, Japanese and Chinese aritfacts. If you go to Roscoe Village, visiting this musuem is worth the time-- Takes about an hour to go through the entire museum.
  • White Hall -An abolitionist, a great Kentuckian, a great American.
  • Your Sight of Sights -A fan website/tribute to Anne Bancroft and Mel Brooks. Anne Bancroft passed away earlier this week. A charming woman that was married to Mel Brooks for over 50 years....
  • Reykjavik -A pictorial blog from a young man from Iceland. Can't read a word of his descriptions, but his photos are truly breathtaking.
  • Norman Roswell -An old friend of mine has taken his artistic talents, sense of humor and blended them to offer these fun posters/t-shirts...
  • Ankle Biting Pundits -Conservative blog of the week.

  • Have a great Sunday and enjoy your week!!

This is the kind of Sunday I intend to have.

Sidney asleep in my arms.... Posted by Hello

Part of the lock on the Coshocton Canal. It reminded Michael and me of Chitza Itza. Posted by Hello

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