Sunday, June 26, 2005

Support Our Troops

Sunny Hi 112 Lo 84 for Baghdad, Iraq
Possible Thunderstorms Hi 94 Lo 71 for NKY, USA

Sup*port -- v.t. to carry the weight of** to prevent from falling, sinking, etc.** to be actively in favor of** to assist or strengthen morally** to be or provide an argument in favor of or additional evidence for** to bear the cost of providing for** to give assistance to

Words can become cliche... The most prevalent catch phrase we hear today is "at the end of the day". Ughhhhh!! If I hear that one more time, I believe I may just have to hurl... Another catchword we hear all the time is "whatever". Dear God!! Brilliant comeback!! Sheesh!! (Please note I am not exempt from using these- please smack me the next time you hear either of these come out of my mouth!!)

In the same sense, "support our troops" is also suffering the same fate. However, let me remind you that supporting our troops is NOT a passive endeavor and should never become cliche. Supporting our Troops isn't just putting a magnetic ribbon on our vehicles. We must remain vigilant and remind those that are calling Iraq a "quagmire" that they are wrong and need not fall victim to the likes of Senator Kennedy, Susan Sarandon, MM (I'm not giving this guy another Google entry), NBC, CBS, and ABC.

Please read Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum or My 18 Month Vacation to the Beach. A different perspective on the work our men and women are doing comes from the Messopotamian. Also take a look at Iraq War News or The MI Guy and my personal favorite Major K. None of these blogs present views through rose colored glasses. War is ugly, but I submit, we are making progress despite what we are being told in mainstream media. Most of the frustrations the military bloggers show are when dealing with our own bureaucracy and ridiculous rules and regulations- political correctness is destroying our military (I'll save that topic for another day). It is critical to provide these men and women with the support they need so they can get their job done and come home safely. If we lose the war at home we will inevitably lose the war on terrorism and that is simply unacceptable. With the help of men and women like you, we won't let our troops down. Something that you can do immediately to help a discouraged soldier is to send an email of encouragement and gratitude. The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler has an email address listed: "rottmope-at-yahoo-dot-com". (change the words "at", "dot", and "com" to symbols) Please send an email to this discouraged soldier.

There are countless ways to support our men and women in the armed forces and I ask you all to please SHOW your support. Support can be as little as sending an email. It can include sending care packages to soldiers; there are countless groups doing good work out there. If you are uncertain (because sadly, there are some bad ones too), drop me a note and I'll let you know if they check out. In turn if you are involved with a group that is doing good work, please let me know and I'll add a link. It is important that we write our government representatives to make sure they are being kept in check. We must keep pressure on men like Senator Kennedy and Senator Durbin. Some of the filth that has spewed from the mouths of these two is just deplorable. Finally, to the left, under Support Our Troops, I have listed several ways of actively showing support to these brave men and women.

This time next weekend we all will be having cookouts and parties celebrating Independence Day. Maybe this year we all can take a few extra minutes and send a couple of notes to those in harms way to show our appreciation for their choice of serving our great nation and keeping us safe. Maybe a table can be set up at your picnic with cards and pens so that everyone can send a heartfelt handwritten note giving thanks.

Enjoy your week!

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Cathy said...

Please allow me to clarify one point. Showing our support via magnetic ribbons is perfectly fine--I have 2 on my car!! I was just trying to make the point that I believe more can and should be done.

Rob said...

This war has many fronts. Another way to support the troops would be to show support to the immediate loved ones of the soldiers. There is a huge void in their lives and little acts of kindness go a long way. Invite them to lunch or dinner. Have them over for a movie or just let them know that their son/daughter or husband/wife is in your thoughts and prayers.