Tuesday, November 29, 2005

How Do I Tell Liberals to F off on a PG Rated Blog?

OK... I need help from anyone that reads my blog. We have another discouraged soldier on our hands and I believe it is my responsibility to change that. I am asking you to do 3 simple things: 1) Read the email below 2) Leave a comment for this soldier offering words of encouragement- I'll make sure he gets a copy or gets connected to this blog 3) Refer 1 person here and have them do steps 1 and 2 also.

I am so sick and tired of these men and women having to deal with this sort of shit!!! They need to know that we are behind them, that we support them and we support their mission. Please, give this man and those he stands with some words of encouragement. Thanks. -C

From: Michael
To: Tom
Subject: Your Package
Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2005 11:47:03 +0000

Hello Tom,

I received your latest package a few days ago. Great! Excellent! More stuff I can use and enjoy. I appreciate it. I'm glad you and the fellers are keeping up with your support. Hell, we need more Americans like the patriots of your rod & gun club, sure! Yes, many Americans,
nay, most Americans are opposed to this war. I've heard as much. It bothers me. Personally, I believe we should be here. Hell, if we don't do anything about terrorism, who will? Iraq is the heart of terrorism, and us soldiers must pluck out the heart in one fell swoop. I agree that America should be waging this war but, from my point of view, the thing I don't agree with is the manner in which we are doing it. Mind you, I'm only seeing this from my own perspective, but I think the tactics we are using have got to change; they are killing us. If we are going to win, we must change our battle tactics. Anyway, I had a wee bit of free time (believe it or not), and I thought I'd go through my e-mails, answer some, as well as read 'em. Stay in touch, Tom. Thanks for being an ardent, patriotic supporter. I may be back in Ohio sometime in late February/early March.


Then Tom forwarded this email:

From: Tom
Sent: Saturday, November 26, 2005 8:04 PM

Kim, Kyle, and everybody,
(for those who don't know Mike XXXXX - he's a soldier stationed in Baghdad, Iraq.)
Here's my latest from Mike. I took exception with his statement (see below) about most Americans being opposed to the war and sent a response to him that said "I don't know who you heard that from, but it's bullshit". I refuse to believe that most Americans, or even many
Americans, or even more than a few short sighted people who happen to live here, are against the war on terrorism. I told him I was old enough to remember the Johnson and Nixon eras where there was a lot of dissention on the war - but I believe that's not the case today. I also told him to tell his buddies what I said. I think he needs a little support from lots of people. As I understand it, mail to soldiers in Iraq is free. I think it would be great for him to receive a ton of letters that tell him we believe in what he and his comrades are doing and that we support them 100%. Can you imagine those guys reading a letter that goes something like this:
"I understand that you think most of us are not behind you, praying for you, believing in you. Well, I don't know where you got that idea, but it's wrong. We remember 9/11. We saw what happened in Spain. We don't expect to sit around and wait for that to happen again. We expect the most powerful military in the history of the world and all members of the coalition to solve this problem for us. So, please, quit whining and get back to work - and remember, we all love you." Or, whatever words of support you can come up with. These guy need a HUGE cheering section. If you think this is worthy to pass on, do it. Mike's address is:

For obvious reasons I have removed the address. Please leave a comment and I'll make sure Mike gets it.

For those of you that know me and would like to send a card, please drop me a note or call me and I'll give you Mike's address.


Cathy said...


I already sent you an email, but one thing I forgot to mention... take a look at the right hand column... Do you see the "I am Pro Victory" button? All those blogs beneath it?... Those are folks that support you, sweetie. And that is just scratching the surface...

Stay safe. We have your back.

chrys said...

What our troops do not see is the REAL reaction to the War on Terror. I think we should demand to hear the actual wording of each question asked on any type of poll. Clever wording can make even the strongest supporter of the War on Terror answer in a way that sounds anti-war!! For instance - a recent weeklong tally on an O'Reilly poll (zillions more people) showed 51% consider the War on Terror important with 41% considering our borders important - and you know how important our borders are!! Only 9% of our people were worried about gasoline!! NOW - wasn't gasoline the main topic in MSM news?!?! WE ALL CARE ABOUT YOU ALL!! They often make it hard to send things to you - there have been many homeland problems of late to catch up on - so we seem somewhat slower than we had been keeping in contact. My soldier (that I jumped through hoops to be able to write to and sent two letters and phone cards) never bothered to send me a postcard - so I don't know if he exists - OR - what else he may need or want?!

ANYWAY - don't read much into what people over here may or may not be saying - REMEMBER the news has ALWAYS been very PC and ALSO REMEMBER - hardly anyone showed for Sheehan's last gig!

YOU ARE LOVED by more people than you'd ever know. Remember the "silent majority" some years back!


Peakah said...

I don't know you soldier but I do know you like a warrior brother. I'm sitting in my cushy home now raising my kids having left the military some time ago now.

Not that any of this is relevant except to tell you that I'm a regular guy. I deal with regular people each and every day. Rarely do I meet someone (unless it's on some dopey campus either highschool or college) who does not understand and respect what are best and brightest are doing for civilization's sake over in the middle east.

Those who do not understand are the ones writing and whining in the media. They do not represent the intelligent American. They represent those who have such self loathing that they have to lash out at anything to dub themselves with some imaginary power... a power that they do not possess.

Study those heros of past wars and the heros of Biblical times for inspiration and motivation and a better understanding of the relevance of what you are accomplishing over there.

In the spirit of an Honorable Warrior, let not your heart be troubled.

BBS said...

Your service to your country is honoured and respected by more people than the naysayers would have you believe. Never doubt that. Just because the anti-war crowd screeches loudly all the time, doesn't make them a majority. The sacrifices you and your fellow military members are making should/shall/will be saluted.

Thank-you from a humbled Canadian citizen.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your service. Be careful.

Lindsay said...

I will forever be grateful to the American troops who have risked their safety and their lives, to combat the evil of terrorism.

There are more of us than you know who have you in our prayers. Even here in Canada.

God bless you.

Otimaster said...

Dear Mark,

American people as well as the Italian one are proud of you, of your fellow soldiers and of our soldiers, hold out!

Merry Christmas.

God Bless you!


Tom Lefebvre said...

Don't believe anything you hear about "anti-war" over here. It is a big joke to watch mainstream media capitalize on their own self inflicted survey's and propose what they think most of us are thinking. Fact is, I know two people against this war - out of all the folks I know. And neither of the 2 have any common sense anyway. The rest of the heartland is behind your efforts and want to see you guys come home when the job is done. The support in my area - central Alabama - is enormous. I read a lot of miblogs and there is so much good stuff going on that when the whineybutts start yipping, I start laughing at their incredible ignorance. Keep it up - you're doing great - and please - try to be careful.

GeorgeWalker said...

Dear Mike...what our brave soldiers are doing out there in Iraq is giving their lives to give an oppressed people a chance of Freedom. That is what America does best. Spreading freedom and hope worldwide. I always use to say: No America,No Freedom.
Let them folks protesting,just look at what you have done in Iraq and in Middle East. You have given many people a new hope.The hope of Freedom.And once you have tasted freedom,you never leave it.
You are doing a great and blessed job,keep it up, we will win the war on terror and we'll see freedom victory,but we need your help!
God bless you, your family and America.
Please have a look at this .pps:


I think this may help.
greetings to Cathy.

Robinik said...

Dear Mike,
Dear american soldiers, it's a big honour to me to have the possibility to say thank you to all of you for your never-ending fight for our freedom. I'm Italian but I have American flag in my house and in my Heart because I know that I have to say thank you to American and hsi soldiers if I can say I am free. I live in freedom. I have two little son and I'm teaching them to say thank you to the American Flag. I say to them: "This is the flag of liberty and freedom".

Thanks you for your big ang great work.

God Bless You. I'm by your side!

Roberto Nicolai - Italy -

Bisquì said...

I'm Italian too. I was serving my country like you.
Was an honour for me to be trained and to serve with the american guys.

Like Roberto I theach to my sons that we are in freedom because the american troops freed us during the second world war from the dictatorship.

What you are doing today makes us all more free and we are thankfull for this and proud of you.

Merry Christmas and take care,


Elena said...

Dear Mike,
so many people knows what American soldiers are making for freedom all over the world. Don't worry! You are on the right side, only that is important. I'm Italian, but in my house there is an American flag, and an Israelian flag too. WE ARE WITH YOU!!! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU ARE MAKING!
this is so important and I'm sorry I cannot help you, but I'm not a soldier.
Best regards.


Anonymous said...

The people who oppose the war are shallow, short sighted, motivated by cowardice and by leftist fantasies.

They are wrong. They don't matter. Ignore them. You are performing a critically important job: spreading democracy.

As R.J. Rummel says:
"In no case (since 1816) has there been a war involving violent military action between stable democracies..." "...Indeed, we have here a general principle that is gaining acceptance among students of international relations and war. That is that democracies don't make war on each other. To this I would add that the less democratic two states the more likely that they will fight each other."

Thanks for doing this essential job. Stay the course, and stay alive!

Lo PseudoSauro said...

I'm another old soldier from Italy. God bless You buddy.

Diane said...

Dear Mike,

I support you, and all of our soldiers in whatever capacity they're serving this country. Without men and women like you we'd be no better off than the people you are helping to liberate. Yours is a noble cause. Don't ever let people with pea-sized brains make you believe differently.

God bless you and THANK YOU for helping spread freedom.

:) Diane

Zee said...

My sons have begun their own business and my grandchildren will inherit it one day because of men like you. There aren't words sufficient to tell you how grateful we are for that. Because of men and women like you, I understand why America is the singular, unique nation that she is.
MSM and the small percentage of folks that they dupe need very much to believe that there is no real enemy. It seems to make some folks feel safer to pretend that there is no threat to our way of life. But the majority of Americans can face the reality of our enemies only because we know the caliber of the soldiers who defend us. Please know from those of us at home; 'we.got.your.back'!

God Bless You Sir

Mike said...

Dear Mike,

It is because of men like you that I can have my little blog and share my opinions with the world. There are far more people in favor of what you are doing than against. The main stream media loves the pierced, pasty faced peace creeps. The lefties enjoy the benefit of your efforts, but at the same time are self righteously against the way they came to receive them. But enough with the political nonsense. Just look at the amount of Italians alone that wrote in to support you! The world is on your side my friend. When your mission is completed successfully, the world will be a safer and better place.


cherry said...

Dear Mike, don't mind people who oppose war, because much more people respect your work and sacrifice. I'm proud of men like you, braves that are giving hope and freedom to an oppressed nation!
Be safe
God Bless You

Anonymous said...

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Mike said...

The Simpsons, the Jews, the unions, Walmart, Sam Walton and chinese labor..... it's all clear to me now!!!

Jedi Master Rob said...

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