Monday, April 24, 2006

Post Script: LCpl. Justin D. Sims

"[...]But those present soon realized that this service was different. For on this day the quiet streets of Taylor Mill are suddenly filled with the awesome sound of “thunder.” A sound which overwhelms all else. The sound is coming from a group of over a hundred motorcycles from the group Patriot Guard Riders Most of these motorcycles is proudly displaying an American Flag . The license plates on these motorcycles reveal they are from 5 different states and almost all counties in Kentucky. Each of these motorcycles is ridden by a man or woman with a combined look of respect, reflection, pride, honor and loss on their faces, mixed with the tears flowing from many of their eyes. Each of them is wearing a tag over their heart which states “Proudly riding in honor of LCPL. Justin D. Sims.” [...]

Sim’s mother, at the height of her grief, taking the time to walk up the hill of flag bearers, hugging and personally thanking each one. I could still feel the her hot tears on my cheek. [...]"
For the complete mission report, go to Patriot Guard Riders.


Go here for a moving slide show.
Hundreds Honor Marine

Photos By Ernest Coleman/the Enquirer


Mark said...

I don't know what to say.

chessa said...

There are many videos of them on Youtube.for anyone curious about what they do