Sunday, April 16, 2006

Chicago and Back Home Again

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Song of the week: Gloria,

Saturday's Bonus Song: Sweet Home Chicago,
Eric Clapton


In last Sunday's ramble, I mentioned Sgt. Michael O'Rourke. Some of you may also remember Michael as the soldier that needed words of encouragement back in November. You can read that post here--- SGT. O'Rourke saw all your comments and was very appreciative. He was home in Cincinnati for a visit a couple of weeks ago. Here are a couple of photographs Michael gave me permission to post. Take a good long look at the children- those beautiful faces. Today is Easter. Keep these smiling faces in your prayers. Michael, I'm proud to know you and again, thank you for your service. Michael, I do have one small question... Why is it that every single serviceman I know has at one time or another posed with a dead snake? I'm serious. My grandfather, father and uncles all have posed with a dead snake... I don't get it. Please explain this....

OK... so I went on my first all girly girl mini vacation to Chicago. The girly girls... my mother in law- the beautiful and graceful Patricia, my sister in law- the lovely Susie, and my niece- the soon but not to soon gonna break all the boys hearts Aimee. The purpose of this trip was to see Wicked. WOW!!!!!! I'm saying it again! WOW!! I have never had so much fun going to a show- the sets, the costumes, the music, the cast... A top notch production. There were so many one liner zingers I can't begin to remember them all. What is Wicked? AH... wah... well, it's the back story of the witches of Oz....Is one born wicked? It is completely clever.... You also get to find out how Galinda ("with a ga"-you know her as Glinda) and Elphaba (you know her as the Wicked Witch of the West) met. Were they friends???? Hmmm.... you'll have to see the show. Honestly, if you can, it is truly a wonderful time. The Chicago cast was wonderful... I adored Fiyero (you know him as someone else, but I won't ruin it for you)... By the way, if you have read the book by Gregory Maguire, the musical is NOTHING like the book. NOTHING. Personally, I thought the book was weird... and it was just TMI....So, now a couple of photographs from the show, courtesy of Wicked, Chicago.

And, like I wrote... if you can... go see it... guys too... I know Michael would have loved this and when this comes back to Cincinnati, you can bet I'll be going to see it again...

Some of the other things we did while in the Windy City-- well, we shopped on Michigan Avenue- the infamous Magnificent Mile and did some serious damage to the credit cards... but please don't tell Michael. And can you believe this? I found a Sanrio store (queue Psycho music now) and came home with a shopping bag full of Hello Kitty stuff... What is wrong with me? Honestly...

We stayed at the Intercontinental Hotel on Michigan Avenue, across the street from Nordstrom's.... Besides shopping we visited Shedd Aquarium- very cool- I am now in love with Beluga Whales... how cool... We also went to The Art Institute of Chicago where I got to see my favorite painting by George Seurat, "A Sunday on La Grande Jatte". Going to the Art Institute is an all day event, but we only had time to spend a couple of hours there, so I chose the Impressionists/Post Impressionists galleries enjoying the likes of Renoir, Pisarro, VanGogh, Monet, Manet, Cezanne, Rodin, DEGAS- my personal favorite artist. I truly enjoyed walking through the galleries with Aimee. Looking at art through young eyes is a wonderful thing. Her favorite painting was by Harold Sohlburg. We even got to see a Chagall and a few pieces by Salvador Dali.

We visited the Navy Pier- what a great little touristy spot that is. We had a terrible server, but he was so charming, we couldn't help but like him. We had dinner at Ruth's Chris Steak House... yum... One night we had a stuffed pizza from Giordano's...yum yet again... That same evening while having cocktails we watched the sunset atop the John Hancock Building in the Signature Lounge. There are a million things to do in Chicago and we didn't even scratch the surface. The folks are wonderful in Chicago, service is impeccable, and all were friendly... Go if you get an opportunity... Michael and I will need to make the trek up there very soon...

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One last thing... I know for most of you, I am sharing the obvious, but for those of you unfamiliar with the song or the band, Gloria by U2 isn't a song about a girl... Happy Easter.

I try to sing this song
I, I try to stand up
But I can't find my feet.
I, I try to speak up
But only in you I'm complete.

In te domine
Oh, Lord, loosen my lips.

I try to sing this song
I, I try to get in
But I can't find the door
The door is open
You're standing there, you let me in.

In te domine
Oh, Lord, if I had anything, anything at all
I'd give it to you.

In te domine

Have a great week everyone!


Jedi Master Rob said...

Glad you had a great time. We'll have to keep an eye out for Cincy Wicked tickets and be prepared to act quickly.

Mike said...

Don't tell me what?

Mark said...

I usually learn something whenever I visit here. Today was no exception. :)

Laura said...

Happy Easter!!

Bisquì said...

Happy Easter Cathy :-)

GeorgeWalker said...

Dear Cathy..I hope you and your family had a very Happy Easter!
Thank you so much for your kind wishes on my blog:)

Cathy said...

Rob: Jo will absolutely love it and she will cry at the end. Happy tears...

Nothing honey.... :-D

Mark: I am a plethora of useless knowledge. Just ask Rob and my poor husband. I used to conduct a tv trivia game at work... all the information locked forever in my brain... so sad...

Laura, Bisqui, and George: Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. Don't be strangers. ;-)

Army of Mom said...

I love the U-2 song. My 3-year-old came in and said "that is a nice song, mom." I had to smile. I love U-2 back in the day.

Thanks for the blog link.

Also, I'm so jealous at your trip to Chicago. I want to go so badly.

Cathy said...

Mom: Isn't funny to think of U2, "back in the day"? I remember listening to this album (October) and their first album, Boy and just being blown away by them. The Edge was the coolest and I've always had a thing for drummers so Larry Mullen quietly pounding away in the background always made my heart skip a beat.

Thanks for stopping by!