Sunday, June 04, 2006

God Only Knows

Sunny - Hi 114 Lo 87 for Baghdad, Iraq
Isolated Thunderstorms - Hi 72 Lo 54 for Northern KY, USA

Song of the week: God Only Knows,
The Beach Boys

A special thank you goes to the lovely and talented Diane from Diane's Stuff. She is one of the coolest chicks I know.... and good grief she is good at this computer stuff!! She thankfully created the video code to go with this weeks post. Without her I would have needed to come up with an alternative song... but there isn't any other song that would do Michael justice. So, thank you Diane. You are wonderful for helping me...


I've referenced the movie, Love Actually before. It is a sappy feel good Christmas movie and I recommend it wholeheartedly. What I really enjoy is the opening and closing of the movie... Hidden cameras were set up at Heathrow International Airport to capture arrivals. It is heart warming and makes my heart skip a beat every time. While you are watching folks embracing you hear the following narrative by Hugh Grant-

Whenever I get gloomy with the state of the world, I think about the arrivals gate at Heathrow Airport. General opinion's starting to make out that we live in a world of hatred and greed, but I don't see that. It seems to me that love is everywhere. Often it's not particularly dignified or newsworthy, but it's always there - fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, old friends. When the planes hit the Twin Towers, as far as I know none of the phone calls from the people on board were messages of hate or revenge - they were all messages of love. If you look for it, I've got a sneaky feeling you'll find that love actually is all around.

On Thursday, June 1, Michael and I marked our 15th wedding anniversary. Michael is my best friend. There is no one on this planet that I would prefer to spend time with. I can't imagine life without him. Like any marriage we have had our ups and downs, a few of them quite ugly. He is the kindest person I have ever known. He is my better half- I can be malicious and down right mean and he tempers that part of me. I am a better person because of him.

He loves growing tomatoes in the summer, but hates weeding the garden. I will be monitoring the yield from his garden right here, so you too can join in the excitement. He sends me cute photos of animals to cheer me up while I am toiling away at work. He hates that I spend money, but he never ever says anything. He tolerates most of my taste in music and never complains. I have never in my 20+ years of knowing him cooked him a meal and yet he stays. He loves to make fun of the fact that I can't cook. I never had a desire to learn besides, why would I when I married a trained chef? He is thoughtful and will bring home flowers when they aren't expected. He will rescue animals (and bugs) that are in peril. This past week he even put a spider outside that he thought was pregnant. (lol) He hates it when I am sad. He hates it when I don't answer the question he asks- a personality flaw I picked up from my mom. It drives me crazy when he yells at the television because some bozo is mouthing off about how awful America is. But in turn, I love his passion and his ability to discuss politics and the state of our country and his subtle way of shutting a liberal down when given the opportunity. I love him for the way he laughs and when he talks gibberish to our kitties. I love the fact that he religiously watches the weather channel to see if he can take out his motorcycle. I love him because he is a man- no girly man- no metrosexual here- and yet he is the most sensitive man I have ever known. I thank God for him and God only knows what I'd do with out him.

Happy anniversary Michael. The song is just for you. I love you.

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Have a great week everyone!


Zee said...

" his subtle way of shutting a liberal down when given the opportunity."

I would love to know how that is done. I just want to smack them all up the side of their thick skulls.

I commend you on weathering the really "ugly times". I didn't and threw 17 years of marriage away, which I will always regret - we remain close friends but who knows how love and time would have rendered us, had we stuck it out.

And thanks for admitting you don't cook. I've always felt guilty about that - except my sons' wives now benefit from the culinary skills they had to develop to compensate for me.

A hearty congratulations to you both.

( Ain't it a beautiful day in the heartland? I see the Kentucky hills rolling under a blue sky from my window everyday - god bless 'em)

Jedi Master Rob said...

All my best to the two of you! Congratulations on 15 years together. You are an inspiration to Jo and I and we are both so thankful that you found each other.

Mike said...

You did forget one thing, which is possibly bigger than the never having to cook thing.... Never having to change the litter box. Thank you for the compliments, I love you very much.

Cathy said...

Zee: Thanks for the kind words. Michael is absolutely fun to watch when taking out a liberal. The cooking thing is simply a disaster for me... One night Michael worked late and told me I could fry up a burger... already pattied out and everything... riiiiight... I ran to Gold Star for cheese coneys... I had no choice... ;-)And yes, it was simply a glorious day right here in the heartland. Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks Rob. You know that you and JoAnna mean so much to Michael and I. We love you both so much.

Michael: Not only did I forget the whole litter box thing... but the fact that I don't ever ever ever need to grate my own cheese also ranks right up there.... not having to grate my own cheese is why I married you... oh and the fact that you like my outrageously strong girly drinks... Girly drinks that'll put hair on yer chest that is...

BBS said...

I'm a little late to the party, but then that's just me.

Congratulations to both of you.

Cathy said...

Thanks for the well wishes. You are always welcome!