Sunday, August 27, 2006

My Dragon Slayer Also Does All The Cooking...

Sunny - Hi 111 Lo 90 for Baghdad, Iraq
Rain - Hi 84 Lo 71 for Northern KY, USA

Song of the week: After The Rain Has Fallen,


The mornings typically belong to me. I am at my best in the early hours-I usually wake up between 5:00 and 6:00 AM (weekends included). I am at my most productive and creative this time of day. Michael on the other hand is not a morning person-- he would much prefer to sleep until noon and stay up all night. This rainy Sunday morning however, has been a little different. Michael is on a quest to slay a dragon. He is headed for the Tennessee/North Carolina border to the Tail of the Dragon. Tail of the Dragon is a destination for motorcyclists and sportscar enthusiasts. There are 318 curves in just 11 miles of road. Michael intended to leave about 6:30 or 7:00 AM this morning, but the rain kept him from leaving before dawn-- it's now about 9:30 AM and I believe he is about ready to hit the road.

So while he is off conquering said dragon, I am left to fend for myself. Cath, what's this about the dragon slayer doing all the cooking? Yes...... Michael cooks. Here's a confession; I have known Michael since 1985.... we've been married since 1991. In that time... I have cooked for him.... never... zero... nada. In one of his previous lives he was a professionally trained chef and is to this day an extraordinary cook. My mother was and is a terrible cook (except for traditional Japanese cuisine) and she really didn't have time to teach me. My grandmother didn't like anyone in the kitchen while she cooked so, that was a wash.... Unfortunate, because my grandmother is an excellent cook. So, I never learned how to cook and in all honesty--- I was never interested.

Side story---One Thanksgiving several years ago, my mother decided she would cook. Mom had the family over and Michael at the time was working as a chef. Mom opened the oven and it was apparent (even to me) that the bird was done. She looked at Michael and asked him what he thought... He popped the bird with the thermometer and it went into a vein and a bit of blood squirted out. Michael saw that the temperature had already reached well beyond what it needed to be (I have no idea what that temperature is-- I do know that the temperature of the bird will continue to rise once it comes out of the oven). Michael told her that "Yes, indeed this bird is done." But my mother seeing the blood just knew that it meant that it was under cooked. "She announced, "NO! Dees toohkey not done!!" She pushed the bird back in the oven and slammed the oven door shut. I can't remember how much longer the bird was in the oven... just know this... Do you remember the scene in Christmas Vacation--- the family sits down to a wonderful dinner? Clark Griswald begins to carve the roasted beast... but it collapsed in a poof of dust...??? That scene was based on our Thanksgiving. We call that the year of "Terkey Jerky". Yeah- that was great! (Oh-- she had also left the little "baggy" of innard goodies in the cavity of the bird too...)

So, Michael is off to slay the dragon. Today is a perfect day to curl up on the sofa and read... I may also have to do a little damage to the credit cards and do some shopping. September is loaded with a bunch of birthdays.

Michael left at 9:50 AM.

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Have a great week everyone


Robin said...

I giggled out loud when I heard your mom announce, "NO! Dees toohkey not done!!"

I've seen alot of bikers on the road (we live in TN)...I guess this is why (thanks for clearing that up).

btw, Do you ride?

Thanks for visiting Pensieve and posting your (kind) comment:)

Laura said...

What a great story about the turkey!

I was never much interested in cooking until last year -- I just made the same things over and over... It used to seem like so much work for something gone so fast, LOL. I think it may have been a "turning 40" kind of thing...I decided to see if I could do "something new." To my surprise, it's been fun and I've really gotten "into" it. :)

Hope you had a good day and Michael had a good ride! Best wishes, Laura

Peakah said...

My wife and I are a great cooking team... I'm the grill master and she's the 'everything else' master. Together we make beautiful food (and music!)

I'm so totally jealous that your husband rides. I was recently informed that I cannot own a bike until my youngest turns 18... (guess what I'm getting myself for her 18th birthday!) I grew up in a harley family that rides a good 1/3 of the year all over the country raising money for various charities and have convinced myself that if I get the chance to retire someday, I'll become a old gnarly crusty biker. I'm more partial to the Yamahas although I can never admit that to some wings of my family!

Oh, btw, love the new look of your site! (loads much quicker too)
Hope you're having a great summer... it's been a while since I've stopped by... Hope ya can forgive me!

Lone Ranger said...

One of the best things I ever did was to start following my grandma around the kitchen when I was about six to see how she prepared all my favorite foods. I started cooking in earnest after I got married and my wife got pregnant (What? How?) Suddenly, the smell of cooking food made her nauseous. Once it was off the stove and on the table, she had no problem with it. The baby was born and she never took back the baton.

Since then, I've made it my mission to learn how to cook all the foods I liked in my travels. I've even taught Chinese cooking. I can cook up a storm now, but have nobody to feed it to.

Cathy said...

Robin: I have a million funny stories about my mom. Glad you enjoyed that one. As far as me riding a bike.... no... He has a sport bike and I am not climbing on the back of that machine. I told him when he buys a cruiser I would love to go out with him then.... preferably a Goldwing... you know the ones that are basically lazy boy recliners on 2 wheels... If I were to own my own bike... it would have to be a scooter...

Laura: I don't even have the ability to make the same things over and over... my repertoire of foods I can cook---- eggs any kind and bacon, grilled cheese, soup from a can, sandwiches.... now, if you want a cocktail... I'm all over that... I believe I missed my calling as a bartender.

Joshua: Great to see you stop by. How's the job coming along-- promotion yet? Michael loves his bike and is so passionate about riding. I worry about him every time he goes out though... not because he is wreckless... to the contrary--- he is extremely cautious.... wears all the gear, took safety classes (without any nagging from me) and continues to read and hone his skills. I worry because people simply don't see motorcyclists...and drive way too close... So, I understand why you need to wait... Your wife is not only lovely, but wise...

Kimosabe: I have no doubt that you are a good cook. My assumption with you is that anything you decide that you are going to do... you will do well... now if we could just find a nice girl for you....