Saturday, August 26, 2006

Superheroes Don't Cry

OK.... so on Who Wants to be a Superhero, my guy- Major Victory was eliminated... So we are down to two choices... ?
---Fat Momma and Feedback. Fat Momma has the kid thing down and has shown she really is concerned and would be a protector of children everywhere... Feedback... is considerate and polite just as a superhero should be, but he has bad posture and is just a little too tightly wound to be a superhero, if you ask me... However, both of them cried like babies... I don't like to see my superheroes crying... ever... What the heck?? Next week is the final episode of the season, so I feel obligated to watch.

I am starting my campaign right now for the Lone Ranger to audition, should there be a 2nd season....


Creechman said...


Hot momma from "The Incredibles."

Cathy said...

I love The Incredibles- one of my favorites. I need to do a list of favorite animated movies.

Jedi Master Rob said...

Fat Momma really ruined it for me. She thought she did so well with the kids that so totally skated through the search for the Dark Enforcer. She didn't even try. She then obviously realized how much she screwed up and then fabricated that whole cry-fest as a diversion. Whatever! They should have booted her butt out of there. I agree about Feedback - way too high strung and he cries too much. Superheroes (like Cowboys) should be stoic, not pansies.

I'm all for The Lone Ranger going for it in the second season. Due to trademark issues, he would probably have to alter his name. I'm not sure who owns the Lone Ranger name, but I doubt he would be permitted to use it.

He would breeze through the challenges like a. . silver bullet through butter.