Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Song, One For My Baby

Mr. Sinatra at 76...

Mostly Sunny - Hi 70 Lo 52 for Baghdad, Iraq
Sunny - Hi 69 Lo 39 for Qandahar, Afghanistan
Rain - Hi 55 Lo 34 for Northern KY, USA

Song of the week: One For My Baby, performed by Frank Sinatra and music and lyrics written by Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer

Frank Sinatra is one of my all time favorite singers. I'm envious of anyone that had an opportunity to see the Chairman of the Board perform in Las Vegas. Man, he was the coolest of cool. He and the rest of the Rat Pack made being in their 40's hip... Holding onto a cocktail, telling a joke, hanging with your buddies... and always in a suit...

Harold Arlen? You may know him as the guy who wrote the music to Somewhere Over the Rainbow... and Johnny Mercer? He wrote the lyrics to Satin Doll (Duke Ellington) and Moon River (Henry Mancini). Another time, another era of pop music...

Last weekend Michael and I were checking out the new library and we saw this Canadian Patriot... Had to take a pic for Wonder Woman... click on the photos for a larger look-see.

Well, I must vote for McCain-- the other options (the Clinton's or Obama) are NOT options for me. There are no Ronald Reagan's at the ready... I was never sold on Thompson--- he just never seemed to be in the fight... although he would have had my vote. Rudy... I would have voted for him despite his liberal tendencies... He would have been tough on terrorism and I would have enjoyed seeing him debate Hillary. I would have voted for Mitt... McCain will do what is right when it comes to our war against terrorism--- He will do right by our men and women in uniform... He will do right by the men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan...

We have nine more months of this...

So set ’em’ up Joe
I got a little story I think you oughta know

We’re drinking my friend
To the end of a brief episode
So make it one for my baby
And one more for the road

Have a great week everyone!

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Jedi Master Rob said...

We've got to play the hand we're dealt and hope and pray for the best.

Brilliant song choice. I'm here at my mother-in-law's house enjoying her high-speed dsl and Ol' Blue Eyes.