Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday Song, Sweet Little Angel

I have been listening to a lot of Blues in recent weeks- especially Buddy Guy, Robert Cray, and Kenny Wayne Shepherd. I'm not certain if my need to listen to the Blues is because I want to wallow in self pity over the news and politics of the day or if it is just a wonderful way to escape the realities of day to day life... Either way, I found this gem of a video and it has some of the greats of blues guitar together on the same stage. I will assume you know who BB King, Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck are. For you movie buffs of teenage angst drama... Albert Collins- The Ice Man was in Adventures in Babysitting back in the 80's-- "Nobody leaves this place without singing the blues..."

Now Buddy Guy is one of the all time greats... You have to check out the 2 videos below for Feels Like Rain... If you only have 5 more minutes of your life to give to this blog today... then check out Part 2--- Buddy leaves the stage and plays for the folks working their tales off in the kitchen then later has a pretty girl help him play... He has been around forever.... Whenever you see a history of rock n roll it inevitably will include a clip of Big Mama Thornton with Buddy playing guitar... Try to stay in a bad mood when the Blues are playing... try to not tap your foot... try not to move your head to the beat...

Feels Like Rain Part 1 - Buddy Guy

Feels Like Rain Part 2 - Buddy Guy

Babysitting Blues - Elisabeth Shue and Albert Collins

Buddy Guy photo - Heilig Multimedia Design

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