Sunday, May 11, 2008

Amazing IS The New Awesome

Mostly Sunny - Hi 93 Lo 72 for Baghdad, Iraq
Sunny - Hi 100 Lo 64 for Qandahar, Afghanistan
Rain - Hi 58 Lo 46 for Northern KY, USA

Song of the week: Nowhere to Run, Martha & the Vandellas

Martha and the Vandellas are by far my favorite girl group from Motown... Heatwave, Dancing in the Streets, Jimmy Mack, and of course Nowhere to Run!! It's hard to be blue when you are listening to these girls groovin' to a sound that is now classified as oldies... wait... the 80's are now oldies... this is from the 60's... no matter... the sound is just as fresh today as it was in 1965... AMAZING!

Ramble (Random Thoughts):

** Remember, you read it here first... Amazing is the new awesome... Michael made this observation a few months ago and I now concur... No longer will you hear blond bubble-heads proclaiming something awesome... everything now is AMAZING.... good grief... another perfectly good word run down into the ground...

** I was away on business last week and I had the good fortune to spend some time in Westchester County, New York... Yes... I was in Hillary's backyard... actually, we went to Hill and Bill's place... Hill wasn't home... didn't see Bill. OH.. and their next door neighbor had an Obama sign in their front yard... Priceless!

** The area that Hill & Bill and Martha Stewart live in is quite rural... about an hour outside of New York City... it is quite beautiful... It AMAZINGLY looks a lot like Kentucky...

** I was fortunate to meet a young soldier in the airport in White Plains, New York. He looked like he was 16... no way has this young man shaved more than twice in his life. He was dressed in fatigues holding a bottle of Mountain Dew. I went to a vending machine and forked out $2.00 for a Mountain Dew and $1.50 for some pretzels. I walked over to the young man, held out my hand to shake his--- funny... his hands were soft... maybe a couple of callouses... but young... young hands. I handed him the soda and pretzels and said that I would buy him a drink next time I saw him. He laughed and thanked me... As I began to walk away from him... I realized I hadn't thanked him... I swung around... and said, "NO!! Thank you, Son!" And when I walked away, I made my way to the ladies room where I proceeded to burst into tears... Yes... another young man going off to protect us... to keep us safe... some one's sweetheart...some one's brother... some one's son... These young men ARE AMAZING and that is the definition of AMAZING AND AWESOME... That is the standard we should be using when choosing our words...

** Another observation from Michael... if you are an avid listener of NPR... Michael is about to become your worst nightmare... the next time you listen to NPR... listen to how much the announcer's stutter and stammer... They all do it... all the time...

** This next video is from I saw this a while ago.. some friends that attend the Vineyard shared it with me. It's powerful... a great video for young and old alike.

** One more thing... Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful and AMAZING women.

Have a great week everyone!

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c.a. Marks said...

Love the music selection.