Monday, September 08, 2008

Project 2996

D.C. Roe is again hosting a day of remembrance at Project 2996.

He has added this beautiful Coat of Arms.

When I decided that Project2996 needed some sort of logo I wanted something a little more dignified than a standard graphic design. I've been a fan of heraldry for many years, and recently have become an student of the field, it seemed a natural fit.

The poppy is a flower that has long been associated with remembrance (including a longtime link with WWI veterans). The four stars above the poppy represent the four planes and four crash sites of 9/11. The coloring scheme where the shiled is divided into two colors with the charges inverted is called counterchanging, and is used to represent the stark change our country and world went through.

If you have time, write a tribute or link a tribute you have done in the past. But whatever you do, take a moment to read a few tributes and remember what we all lost seven years ago.

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