Saturday, August 13, 2005

Sunday will be a little late

I will be unavailable Sunday morning to post my weekly entry as I am off to visit family. I will be home later in the day and will be sure to get SMC updated as soon as possible.

In the meantime, a few blogs to read:

Democracy In Iraq an excerpt- "Now I answer you, I answer you on behalf of myself, and my countrymen. I don't care what your news tells you, what your television and newspapers say, this is how we feel. Despite all that has happened. Despite all the hurt, the pain, blood, sweat and tears. These two years have given us hope we never had."

Iraqi Expat an excerpt-"Mr Galloway claimed the insurgents were ordinary Iraqis defending their country against "foreign invaders" ' ...It can be said, truly said, that your words are full of hate. Your contribution to Arab backwardness has been noted."

A Free Iraqi an excerpt-"Another thing that this message and previous ones show is what other bloggers have already noted in that the Jihadis are following the western media and using the arguments of the far left to feed the fears of westerns and Americans, like the note about Vietnam and the use of the "no blood for oil". That's why I think that people like George Galloway and Michael Moor are doing a great service to the terrorists."

Sam, I hope you had a wonderful 50th birthday--- You don't look a day over 39...

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