Friday, August 05, 2005

Ohio Weeps

I originally posted this Wednesday, but since then, there were three more Marines from the Cincinnati/Dayton, Ohio area that were added to this horrid list.

Thank you brave Marine for your selfless sacrifice for the freedom of others. I am deeply grateful and profoundly humbled by your courageous service to our great country. May God bless your family and bring them peace and comfort.

Lance Corporal Timothy Michael Bell Jr., 22, West Chester

Lance Corporal Michael Cifuentes, 24, Fairfield

Lance Corporal William Brett Wightman, 23, Sabina

Lance Corporal Christopher J. Dyer, 19, Evendale

Corporal David Kreuter, 26, Miami Township

For more.... read this...

An excerpt: "A Marine officer, said the attack occurred as troops were traveling in an armored amphibious vehicle to assault insurgent positions around a village near the Haditha dam, a longtime way station for foreign fighters infiltrating Iraq from Syria."

And to the woman in the article that "angrily tore up her coffee cup".... Put a sock in it!! These men had a greater calling, something I sincerely doubt you would understand.

If we don't take care of the terrorists... who will? You??? God help us. Go eat another donut.

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