Sunday, August 14, 2005

Words to Remember Everyday

No weather report this week... but I'm going to make a safe assumption that it was hot in Baghdad....

Song of the week: Everyday, Dave Matthews Band

The following letter came to me via email. It is a letter written by the father of one of the slain Marines. I did not receive permission to print this, so I have removed the name of the father and son as well as any other names mentioned. In the event that I do get permission, I will add the names.

This described a request I have for those who "would like to do something" and don't know what.... Well, here is something you can do for "___". Just one thing. You can do it twice if you want.

I wanted to thank everyone, on behalf of our family, the many outpourings of solace and support. This has been very comforting to us in these difficult days. Earlier this morning, I went through an indescribable breakdown sitting on my patio. It came to me that I was feeling sorry for myself, how badly I was missing my son, and will miss him forever. There are no words or imaginings to describe this.

As I type this, I have come to a Peace that is a blessing, at least for this moment. I know more tears are just around the corner. I know for many of you the condolences seem hollow and inadequate and you want to do more. This came to me this morning. As we confront the forces of hate, we must remember that the power of Love will triumph.

I'd like to leave you with this remembering and one simple request. The last words I spoke to "___" were,

"I love you, son."

Our loved ones can be taken from us for any reason at any time. I am fortunate indeed to have those as my last words. Please hug your kids and loved ones today for me and be patient with them.

I have been in touch with "______" whose son "____" was in Lima Company and was taken from us in May. "___" has been a great aid to me. We jointly have a vision forming about how we can live up to the standards set by our sons, or at least strive to, as I doubt I can match my son in that respect. My family, friends, and neighbors have come together as we seldom do in times of "normalcy". Please change that, if only a little. Hug someone, help someone, give someone something, any act of kindness to a stranger. You may not have another chance. Let your last words be "I love you." and mean it.

I thank you all again for you condolences, which I know feel inadequate, but if you take some part of my words above to heart, that will carry the memory of my son, and the other Marines, into good works, something good that would not have happened except for this tragedy. Do one thing for him, and them, that you would not have done, and be blessed for it.

God bless you all, God bless the Marine Corp, and God bless the United States of America.


Have a great week everyone. Pray for our Marines and soldiers. Pray for their families. God bless America.


Anonymous said...

An amazing letter and an amazing man! A very wise and brave patriot.

- Rob Collier

markprehiem37546855 said...
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Otimaster said...

Hy Cathy I'm back,
in Italy is raining and I prefer to pass in my house the last day of my vacations.
I have see the Cap's Bob graphic in your blog and I have added also in mine, very good!!!
God bless you and Mike.
Your friend Rob

Cathy said...


Welcome back! I trust you had a great vacation. Thanks for checking back in.