Saturday, January 28, 2006

HTML code

I'm looking for an HTML code for drop down boxes. I want to condense what I have on my sidebars--- blogrolls... anyone have anything out there I can use?--- Oh... and I need someone kind enough and the willingness to answer no less than 19 questions once I try and apply the code.

It's too humiliating to have notes like this when folks are kind enough to link to me... (I don't even know what that means.... Does Firefox hate the way my blog looks?)
My Double Secret New Year's Blog resolution is to speed this blog up so y'all don't fall asleep waiting for SMC to open....................... (it's double secret in case I never get around to actually fixing this blog... no loss no foul...)

photo courtesy of The Highs

Update: Please let me know if any of the changes I am making are speeding things up...


Bisquì said...

Hi Cathy,
go here you will find all you are looking for

Cathy said...

Graci!! You are a good man!!