Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sunday Morning Insurrection

Amble on over, and have a cuppa caffeinated goodness with your good friend, Wonder Woman!

Yes...I'm afraid it's true, folks. With Cathy still out of commission, you are stuck with me, for another Sunday. But never fear! I do believe we might have isolated the source of her technical difficulties, lo these past few weeks.

On a hunch, I set up a remote surveillance camera with a motion sensor, and trained it's watchful eye on Cathy's computer. For the first few days, it picked up little more than a few skittering six-legged intruders, and a strange man with a tomato fetish. Although the man made me slightly suspicious, he seemed to regard the computer with mix of uncertainty, trepidation and even a smidgen of fear, so I quickly eliminated him as a suspect.

It was however, on the 4th day of surveillance that I was able to identify the root cause of Cathy's woes, and evil hand behind them. Please observe...The Saboteur...

Saboteur2 Oh yes...It seems as though my doppelganger has been very busy, indeed! In full defiance of my orders to steal only ripe tomatoes and clean socks from the dryer, the mini-me decided to take it upon herself to ensure my continuing dominance over Cathy's domain.

Whatever you do...don't cut the blue wire!

Saboteur Who knows how much longer this will go on? She's a crafty little Amazon Princess, and apparently knows how to use all manner of tools (heh). Next thing you know, there will be money missing from the bedside table, and the neighbors cat will be mysteriously absent. It just goes to can never trust a gal who's made out of rubber - there's a lesson in that, boys!

So for now, it looks as though my evil twin has gotten the better of us, with her mischief. Cathy's computer is a little worse for wear, and you are forced to suffer through more of my rambling. Shucks!

Let's all hope that Cathy can get back in the saddle by next week, and that the maniacal bizarro Wonder Woman meets a fate worse than death, at the paws of the ferocious feline, Sidney...can you say "chew toy"?

In the meantime, I'd better go check on what my own Wonder Woman action figure is up husband has been acting rather strangely lately, and there is a remarkable shortage of forks in the kitchen drawer...very curious...

Happy Sunday, folks...!


chrys said...

Watch your back - the forkman cometh! Good cover for Cathy! I didn't know you were so small! ;-D

Jedi Master Rob said...

She may be small but so is dynamite.