Sunday, January 15, 2006

Where the heck is my cup of coffee?

Late morning edition...

Mostly Sunny Hi 57 Lo 40 for Baghdad, Iraq
Mostly Sunny Hi 41 Lo 33 for Northern KY, USA

Song of the week: Back in the Saddle, Aerosmith

Wow! Happy New Year!

I have to tell you, that I was going to make my first blog of the year a rant... but I have decided against it. You may be asking yourself, "Why, Cath?" Well... no good reason except that I don't really feel like it. In fact, being away for 2 Sundays was kind of liberating... I didn't have to obsess over what song I was going to use, I didn't have to pay attention to current events, I didn't have to do any soul searching for a personal topic to explore and analyze for public consumption.... Actually it's been pretty great! But then again, could this have anything to do Wonder Woman and her desire for world domination? Have I been brainwashed into submission? Oh good grief! I hope not... In any event, the cameras Wonder Woman set up in our home also picked up these disturbing photos:
Here she is taking Michael's bike out for a spin without permission, without a license and without the proper safety gear.
Why this pint sized WW is blatantly stealing our tomatoes is beyond me...These final 2 photos just left Michael and I scratching our heads... You may want to ask your children to leave the room before viewing these as they are quite disturbing... Here is mini WW stealing Michael's socks... not even a proper pair...Ohhhh the humanity!!!

In all seriousness, I'd like to thank Wonder Woman for keeping my Sunday blog rolling. She has been a wonderful friend during this ordeal.Go visit her Pro-Victory Page and spend some money in her store. You can bet I'll buy a new mug for my Sunday Morning Coffee... All proceeds are going to Soldier's Angels. WW... one question from Michael... Where is the WW gear?

The technical reason why I have been gone: Our hard drive thingy died... We bought this Dell Dimensions 4700 in January 2005.... go figure...And of course I made the mistake of not backing anything we lost everything... the worst part was losing a year's worth of photos... Righto....Thankfully a dear friend is going to retrieve whatever they can from our old hard drive. Our computer is still not up to speed, the resolution and screen size is completely screwy...I need a magnifying glass... We still haven't downloaded MSOffice, I'm going to have to replace my address book not to mention, household crap- inventories, last will and testament... Oh well...

Now some housekeeping because a lot has happened...

Happy Birthday, Rob I hope you and JoAnna enjoyed dinner last night as much as we did. By the way the Ewan MCGregor's Long Way Round so far has been fantastic.

Nickie Goomba is on a sabbatical... wah... I love him... I wish him well, and hope he comes back soon. I hope everything is ok. You know how I love those Italian men...

I need to go through all my mil blogs, but it looks as though some of our brave men have come home after fulfilling their tour. God Speed and thank you for your service.

Michael beat me to the punch and has his new post up already!

As a fairweather fan, I was somewhat indifferent to the fact that our hometown team, the Cincinnati Bengals lost last Sunday--But how sad for Carson Palmer. I hope he makes a full recovery.

The Nick Erdy Foundation raised over $24,000.00. Proceeds will be going to his high school alma mater and various funds supporting his brothers in arms. Nick's family and friends intend to make this an annual event to keep Nick's name alive in the hearts of America. I assure you I will make it to all future dinners...

I have a lot of catching up to do on so many blogs, so that will keep me busy as well.

Again, thanks to everyone for stopping by, I'll be getting to all the email I have received as well.

I have 2 movie recommendations:

A Love Song for Bobby Long -This movie for me captured the melancholy of a town that I love so much. It also has characters that I fell in love with, despite all their shortcomings.

My Date with Drew - A campy documentary of a guy that has had a crush on Drew Barrymore his entire life and pursues his dream of getting a date with her. This is too cute... I'm telling you.

Have a great week!!

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Wonder Woman said...

I'd love to make WW gear, but I think Cafe Press would shut me down for trademark I have to make my own at home...