Sunday, February 12, 2006


Rain & Wind - Hi 62 Lo 48 for Baghdad, Iraq
Snow - Hi 31 Lo 22 for Northern KY, USA

Song of the week: Smooth, Santana and featuring Rob Thomas

Well, it happened. "I got the fever." -- Spring fever, that is.... This can be such a trying time of year.... Antcy to get out and do something, but not wanting to actually be outside in the dreary weather.... It's currently cold and snowing... as I write this (Saturday evening) Michael is outside in the snow grilling chicken...'s not just me... (by the way, it was delicious.)

Spring fever usually doesn't hit me until the end of February, but for whatever reason, the music I've been listening to reminds me of spring and summer and I find myself mumbling and cursing the cold air in the morning as I trudge off to work. Even though the days are getting longer, this weather just blows... Now--- keep in mind we in the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area have had probably the mildest winter I can remember... We have had days up in the 60's... then the following day it snows a couple of inches, but then the following day it goes back up in the 50's... Go figure... one can not have a proper winter when it fluctuates that much... I'm sure it is President Bush's fault... Global warming can be traced to him.... swear... OK.... Be that as it may, Michael and I have been reviewing all the gardening catalogs including Burpee. Michael has already decided on some of the varieties of tomatoes he is going to plant, but he will need to come up with a means of protecting his garden from the local population of deer that discovered his knack for producing delectable salsa... Me, I have been mentally plotting where I can dig up more of our yard and start yet another flower bed... I love spring and I am passionate about gardening...something that my mom has passed on to me. It is such a wonderful excuse for playing in the dirt at my age....

For me, spring is a rebirth... it is the reward that God gives us for enduring the gray winter months. I love the smell of springtime... do you know what I'm talking about? The earth has thawed and you can smell the leaves after they have decomposed.... wow... what an incredible smell... seriously.

One of the most delightful springs Michael and I had was our quick road trip to Washington D.C. a few years ago. We caught the tail end of the cherry blossoms... It was absolutely beautiful... (I normally would post a picture that I took, but they are upstairs and quite frankly I don't feel like going up there, hunting them down, getting aggravated because I have fallen so far behind in my scrapbooking, scanning it... blah blah blah... so the ones I found on the internet will have to do) What am I trying to say? I'm saying Hurry up and get here spring!! Damn you, Phil!!

CPAC and WonderWoman

I have to send a heartfelt "salute" to WonderWoman-- She is in our nation's capital spending time at CPAC. Well... it's over by now, but I'm sure she is still hobknobbing and dining with the likes of Michelle Malkin, Newt Gingrich and who knows who else... I just know from reading her blog that she is passionate about her politics. Good grief... she is passionate about everything. I'm glad that she and Right Girl had a good time. I am sure we will get a full report. She has now officially stepped over the threshold into the kingdom of super blogdom. I get to say "I knew her back in the day..." Yes, WonderWoman is on the pinnacle of reaching "rock star success" in the blogosphere and I couldn't be happier for her.

XX Winter Olympics -Torino, Italy

I'm not a huge sports fan- not anymore. Another topic for another day... However, at one time in my life I was passionate about figure skating. From the time that Dorothy Hamill stepped on the ice I have enjoyed figure skating. Nancy Kerrigan and Tanya Harding were just annoying bumps in the road... Michelle Kwan on the other hand, has been grace on ice and the personification of sportmanship. She is dedicated and disciplined. She is passionate. She is honorable and represents the best that the United States has to offer. I was saddened to read this morning (Sunday) that she has withdrawn because she has re-aggravated her injury. Go here to read the New York Times article. Like so many, it broke my heart every time that she came so close to winning the gold... I will secretly share with you that I resented Tara Lipinski...however, she too was amazing on ice... For more photos of Michelle click on Kwan.

Thank you to my Italian friends and your beautiful country for hosting the winter games. I wish I could say that I was pleased with what the Olympics Committee put together... but from the portion of the opening ceremonies... more crap --more political correctness... I mean... Susan Sarandon???? oh and Good LORD--- OH NO YOKO ONO!!!!! WTH???

HOWEVER, the Italian people welcomed the United States contingency with warm applause. I have to think it was the likes of Otimaster, Robinik, Bisqui, Daisy, Stefania, and George that were cheering the Americans on. Make no mistake, the people of Italy support and like Americans. These folks are passionate and wear their emotions on their sleeve and I adore them for it. There have been times where I believe they are uncomfortable writing the truth... but they do. It is our responsibility as Americans to support the Italians, these lovers of freedom and liberty and lift them up...

Go here for the Olympic Schedule.

Blogs to Check Out This Week:

Miami Valley Conservative Alliance If you are in the Dayton area (or not), you'll find this website and blog useful for becoming active or just vocal in local, state and federal issues.

Word from the Counter Culture Like punk rock? What about someone that leans right?... an odd combination, indeed....

Ohio Boating If you love being on the river or near it, you will find this useful and entertaining. This gives you some insight into what it means to be a rivertown. Tall Stacks will be in Cincinnati this fall... it is something to see and hear...

Jump the Shark I had to have one sophomoric link....


Again- huge thanks to Bisqui at I Diavoli Neri (The Black Devils) for taking pity on me and sending me the HTML code for making the slide box thingies for all my blog rolls.... pretty snappy, huh? For this, he has my devotion and a place of honor on my sidebar.

You may have noticed I've added/changed out some buttons too... Click on the new ones- all are links.

One of the obvious reasons for my blog to load so painfully slow is because of the music videos... Let me know if you are of the opinion that I dump the music videos... I like them, but if I have enough folks drop me a note, I'll consider it...

Ann over at Spiced Sass mentioned to me that my blog is now taking even longer to download, even on Internet Explorer.... good grief. Let me know if that is the case for you too. If it is.... might I suggest this as a possible Sunday morning routine....

  1. wake up
  2. stretch
  3. go downstairs and make your way to the computer... click on your favorites and go to SMC {{grin}}
  4. walk away from your computer and
  5. go make coffee
  6. run outside and grab your Sunday paper
  7. get dressed
  8. hop on the treadmill for 30 minutes or whatever (now is a good time to peruse the paper)
  9. shower
  10. get dressed
  11. pour yourself a cup of coffee
  12. walk over to the computer and
  13. there you go... Sunday Morning Coffee is there!!
  14. WOOHOO- Victory is mine!! {{at least I hope...}}

Don't forget Tuesday is St. Valentine's Day so have a passion filled week!!!

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