Sunday, February 26, 2006

Mardi Gras

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Song of the week: Come By Me,
Harry Connick Jr.

Saturday Night Special Appearance by
Gary U.S. Bonds performed New Orleans

Warning::: a truly disjointed ramble to follow!

Although the party is a little smaller this year, I want to say Happy Mardi Gras to my friends down in the Big Easy. Michael and I will be down just as soon as we can...

Every year, our pal John, is part of the Krewe for Endymion. Endymion was originally scheduled for Saturday, but because of the rain, it was postponed until Sunday. You can watch it here.

John, let me know if the Commodores were everything you hoped they would be. "She's a....Brick HOUUUSSSEE... she's mighty mighty...."

For all the debauchery go to NOLA or directly to Mardi Gras. There you will find live web cams including one on Bourbon Street...

Truthfully, I don't know that I would want to go to the Crescent City during Mardi Gras-- I don't do well in large crowds. I would also not be able to watch and chat with the locals as much as I would like. Since Katrina, I'm not sure who the locals are anymore. In speaking with some of my friends down there, it's hard to go out for a dinner and a movie on a Saturday night because everything closes early... Even McDonald's closes early. This is hard to imagine because this is another city that doesn't sleep... or at least that used to be the case. Folks simply haven't returned. I know some people think "just as well and good riddance"...
Keep in mind this is the city where you can go through a drive thru and get a killer daiquiri.... Forget about Dairy Queen.... I'm going for a frozen Pina Colada.... (Technically if the "to go" cup has a lid on it... it is not an open container and as long as there is 1 less to go cup in the car, in other words as long as the driver doesn't have a drink, have at it-- is there any other place in this country where you can do that? I also realize this has nothing to do with anything, just thought I'd throw that tidbit of information out there... ).

I suspect the folks that could care less if this city survives has not experienced the New Orleans I have experienced... fine southern hospitality --- and another side note... superb customer service, amazing music--- Jazz, Zydeco, the Blues and so much more--- playing in every bar and on every street corner in the Quarter to the mouth watering food- gumbo, jambalaya, crawfish (mudbugs), and po' boys... the history.... the mystique and of course... the party.... oh yes the party.... and Mardi Gras is but one festival...each weekend in New Orleans is a time to celebrate... there is always a party in the French Quarter... the hurricanes (the drink), the hand grenades (another drink), the beads, the boobs.... and of course the nasty King Cake--- find the baby!!

So- every family needs someone that is crazy and helps get the party started. This country needs a place like New Orleans to help us get away from the realities of day to day living... Sadly, this town I adore took a huge blow last year and had to contend with reality... It's time to get the party started again. We have Las Vegas, we have Disneyworld, we need New Orleans too...

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I did nothing this week... on the blog-- work and other responsibilities killed me this past week.... hopefully you'll see some changes this week if I can figure out what I'm doing...

Have a great week everyone!

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Jedi Master Rob said...

Great post - it really takes back there eventhough none of my visits were during Mardis Gras. No matter, ever night is like a little party. I miss the smells hanging in the humid air as you just stroll from block to block; delicious cajun food, magnolias in bloom, stale beer and oyster shells, perfume, the tropical ocean breeze. . you can enjoy have hundreds of memories triggered by all the aromas while making new ones. New orleans is a feast for all of the senses.

Laissez les bons temps rouler!