Sunday, November 26, 2006

Tis the Season........

Sunny - Hi 69 Lo 47 for Baghdad, Iraq
Mostly Sunny - Hi 65 Lo 44 for Northern KY, USA

Song of the week: Wizards In Winter,
Trans-Siberian Orchestra


to be sick... FA LA LA LA LA LA LAACHOO!! I am sick- not sure if it is a head cold or my sinuses. We are having unseasonably warm weather... so needless to say I feel lousy, my head feels like a 300 lb. lead weight... so, this is going to be a quick entry.

Last night Michael and I went with my sis in law Maria and my niece, Kamae and nephews Caleb and Cory along with my mother to the Cincinnati Zoo for the annual Festival of Lights. The temperatures were in the upper 50's so everyone in the tri-state area had the same idea. Getting to the zoo was just as challenging as actually making our way through the crowds. I suspect if I needed any pharmaceuticals or other illicit medications I could have made a purchase while sitting in traffic....(The Cincinnati Zoo is one of the best zoos in the country- It is the 2nd oldest zoo having opened in 1875). It is located in the heart of an urban area that at one time were glorious mansions, but now are run down Section 8 Housing.
Anyway, there was ice sculpture and huge topiaries, carolers, toy train displays, Santa's workshop, Santa's post office, and Santa's reindeer.... oh my goodness... too sweet!!! Then there were the lights... Absolutely stunning... If you are in the area, make a point of going. We hadn't been to it since my oldest niece (now 13) was just a baby. One thing... the guy that did the lights in this week's music video featuring Trans-Siberian Orchestra is from the Cincinnati area. Last year, the local police shut down his light show because it caused a serious traffic jam in his neighborhood, which in turn was a huge safety issue. So thankfully, the folks at the Cincinnati Zoo hired the guy to put on a light show... very cool.

One last thing. Thank you so much for all the kind words about my Uncle Charlie. The comments and email I received were so nice and heartfelt. I know our Marines in harms way have another guardian angel looking out for them... no doubt in my mind.

Enjoy your Sunday- I'm going back to bed...........

Go visit my husband's blog too.. He has finally posted something!

Have a great week everyone!


RennyBA said...

Seams like great fun - wish I could go there one day. So far I'll have to do Europe, but who knows:-)

Jedi Master Rob said...

I've never been to Festival of Lights before. Thought about it several times but decided not because of the usual frigid temperatures. Looks like I missed a great weekend to take advantage of a local treat.

Hope you feel better soon.

seejanemom said...

I love how you visit every morning. Thank you for caring enough to drop by. But you are always--I swear, about twenty minutes early. I promise new content by 9am.I HATE to miss I promise to have the pumpkin bread ready by 9:01!!!!
See you soon, again!!! And no lurking---let me know what you think!