Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Promise Is a Promise

This isn't the post I promised... However, it is a post...which I promised I would post today. Make sense? Probably not...

It was suggested by Jedi Master Rob that I wait on the post I want to do and I think he is right. I want to reflect on the events of this past weekend just a little longer. So, in the meantime go visit Rob... and say hello and wish him a happy birthday (this Saturday). Also, go visit my honey, the Scootertrash Conservative... He actually posted something Monday...

Lastly, since I pulled my Sunday Song... I'll leave you with this... it's been around for a couple of years... but it always makes me laugh... report back when you have the Numa Numa guy's dance moves down...or play it over and over again until your husband (or wife) spontaneously combusts... or wimpers,

"For the love of God!! Please stop playing that song!!"

Go visit the New Numa.


RennyBA said...

Took five nano seconds before my wife said: Hey, I've heard that singer before - who is he again?

Have a lovely weekend:-)

Diane said...

LOL! Some people just have way too much time on their hands!

BBS said...

Love the new look. Haven't been stopping in too much lately as I've spread out my blogging a little. (Started a new local blog as well as contributing to a Canadian Military blog - The Torch).

Got you pegged for my regular Sunday morning rounds again.

Take Care.

Cathy said...

Renny- I'm so glad you stopped by and so relieved someone recognized the song.

Diane- I need to mention your new digs w/ Mel... remind me if you don't see it on next Sundays post... not that it will help your's the gesture... right?

Paul- So nice to see your name pop up again. It has been ages. I need to come by and check out your place(s) too.