Friday, April 13, 2007

Kurt Vonnegut

I'm a little behind, but I just read that Kurt Vonnegut has passed away. I'm embarrassed to report that my knowledge of Kurt Vonnegut comes from the Rodney Dangerfield movie Back to School.

A couple of years ago we visited New York City. Our last evening there we had dinner at a quaint little French restaurant called Montparnasse. As we were chatting and sipping our cocktails and commenting on how arrogant our little Frenchy French waiter was behaving, an older man came up to our table and said to me, "My wife likes your handbag." I was so tickled I looked at them both and thanked them. I said something ignorant like "Well, orange is the new black!" The gentleman and his wife politely laughed and she said, "I like orange too." Once they left the restaurant I said to Michael and the rest of our family, "I know that guy. He is an author." I kept equating him to Fahrenheit 451... Ray Bradbury... I then had an epiphany and said, "He was in Back to School!"

We then realized that this handsome couple was none other than Kurt Vonnegut and his wife, photographer, Jill Krementz.

I can not say I agreed with him on any level politically or socially. I can say that he was one of the many reasons we fell in love with New York City.

Rest in peace Kurt Vonnegut...


Storey said...

So it goes.

Diane said...

You would love Cat's Cradle Cathy.

Cathy said...


Just went to Amazon and bought it.

Jedi Master Rob said...

What a nice New York experience. Very cool. I know it's cliche' but it is a small world.