Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Why Kyle Is One of My Most Favorite People

I have written about Kyle a number of times on this little blog. Why? Because he is one helluv an American. He is also quite creative in calling out the bad guys.... Michael and I first met him because we saw a sign he was carrying at a Pro America rally (hosted by Glenn Beck) up in Cleveland back in 2003. The sign?

Well, Kyle is at it again...

MT. CARMEL - Kyle is taking a different approach to fighting crime by shaming the thief, or thieves, who stole an American flag with a sign outside of Smyth Automotive...

The auto parts store's marquee sign that usually advertises store specials now reads: "Bring Back Our Flag You Faceless Coward."

Read the rest here.

Kyle- You make me proud to know you!

Semper Fi!!


blackops said...

oh thats awesome.


Couldn't get the story to come up, but I can respect the fact he's not shying away from those punks.

Hope he gets the flag back and the criminals get some serious jail time.

Cathy said...

Blackops - Kyle is a great man and quite funny. Everyone he meets is a friend and gets at least one adult frosty beverage courtesy of this former Marine.

DakotaRanger - Yeah, for some reason it takes a long time for that link to load. I doubt he'll get the flag back, but I'm sure the punk brats will think twice about doing it again.