Sunday, August 24, 2008


I'm mentally preparing for the Democrat National Convention... Should be a real carnival type of atmosphere.... yeah a real freak fest... Anyway part of my mental preparation has been to get back to our country roots so I've added another playlist to Finetune-- which is always on my sidebar. Don't flip if you get to a Dixie Chicks song... I have to pull a Laura Ingraham and tell Natalie to shut up and sing...

Click on the green star in the top right corner, you'll see all my play lists--

The newest is Barefoot in the Country.

The other playlists?

Where's the Mosh Pit? --- you guessed it- punk
Chicks, Man --- all my favorite female artists
Headbanger Morning Metal --- heavy metal
Before the First Cup of Coffee --- old standards and smooth jazz
Caffeine From the 80's --- new wave, ska and a few tunes snuck in from the 90's

I'm working on two new playlists---Show Tunes and a 70's compilation.

The cool thing is you can pop the player out and continue to listen....

Have a great week everyone!

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