Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mothra Lives!!

So yesterday I was out in Scooter Trash Hubby's veggie garden picking cherry tomatoes to take to my mom... We had a horrible storm a few weeks ago and all of Michael's plants have been knocked over, so navigating the garden is a little bit of a challenge... Anyway, there I was picking and smiling and thinking how much my mother will appreciate these delightful bits of yum when all of a sudden I saw what I thought was some sort of lizard... OK, after I screamed (surprisingly none of our neighbors came to my rescue- ok.. maybe not so surprising-- consider the fact I have an antisocial tendency). Upon closer inspection, it was a moth... As my oldest niece would text.. OMG!! Ya ain't kiddin' Oh My Gawd! Good grief-- I have never ever seen a moth that huge ever. I took a couple of pictures with my cell phone so the pics aren't that great, but it should give you an idea... This sucker was as as long as my hand from the tip of my pinky finger to my wrist.... icky... ewww... gross.

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