Sunday, October 02, 2005

Brainwashed by Radio...

Sunny Hi 100 Lo 73 for Baghdad, Iraq
Sunny Hi 84 Lo 63 for Northern Kentucky, USA

Before I get started- Happy Birthday Mom! (my granny)---Friday, 10/7

Song of the week: Riot Radio, The Dead 60's

I loooovvve talk radio!! I listen all day. My favorites are (in no particular order):

Dennis Prager -- by far the most well rounded of all. I learn so much about religion, relationships, and yes politics. A definite father figure.
Glenn Beck -- for a good laugh and Moron Trivia.
Laura Ingraham --a female voice of reason... politics and pop culture...
Rush Limbaugh --the Godfather of talk radio
Sean Hannity -- for red meat and toeing the Republican line.
Michael Medved -- for pop culture.
Bill Bennett -- for calm thoughtful discussion of what matters most and another father figure.
Michael Savage -- for insane red meat
Hugh Hewitt -- for reflection on the ridiculousness of today's events
Mike McConnell -- a local guy, going national on the weekends...
G. Gordon Liddy -- The G Man!!
Neal Boortz -- a Libertarian
Mark Levin -- fighting evil in the courts on the bench
Michael Reagan -- the other know, not Ronnie not Patti...
Michael Gallagher -- hot button topics

Now, there aren't enough hours in a day for me to catch all these folks.

Michael Savage... I can only listen to him maybe once every 2 months... He exhausts me....Sean... well, I adore him of course, but (monkey) he can get on my nerves especially when he gets on the Newt and Ollie love fest or the missing girl (insert name here) tirade. Don't get me wrong, I love Oliver North too... Glenn Beck and Laura Ingraham are the two I go to for a laugh... no one does it better---I hate that they are on at the same time... Dennis is on at the same time Rush is on... so I always have to make that decision... Of all these folks, the only one I listen to consistently is Bill Bennett's Morning in America.

I began listening to Morning in America the first day it aired and have been inspired ever since. His staff, Seth and Jeff are also active participants in the show. Topics include everything... from Iraq to education to judicial nominees to philosophy to government spending to hiking in the mountains of Colorado to history to religion to the beaches in North Carolina to Bill's life experience. You will hear callers try to "stump Bill" with rock-n-roll music trivia. You will hear Bill calmly discuss all subject matters and is respectful of all callers regardless of their stance on a topic. Bill even treats seminar callers with respect. By far, his program attracts the most intelligent callers (do a side by side comparision to callers of Michael Gallagher...) from all backgrounds... truck drivers to doctors to stay at home moms. Unlike other nationally syndicated shows, Bill Bennett has a number of "regular" callers that along with Bill and the gang have become old friends. Bill is an intellectual... His resume is impressive to say the least- law degree from Harvard, under President Reagan he was chairman of National Endowment for the Humanities and Secretary of Education. He served under President Bush (41) as drug czar. He is a fellow at the Claremont Institute. He has written countless books and is Chairman of K12. His wife, Elayne, founded Best Friends, an organization "helping girls develop self-respect through self control."

So, I was listening to his show last Wednesday... you know the one that has been all over the blogosphere, talk radio, and MSM... I'm not going to argue it hear... There are others that do a much better job and I have links to them as well... I will say this. The left has been waiting to jump on this man... and they found their opportunity. Pay no attention to the fact that the comments were taken completely out of context... Pay no attention that Bill was dissecting an argument and proving it ludicrous. Based on his body of work and what I have heard him say for 18 months, Bill Bennett is not a racist.

"[...] A thought experiment about public policy, on national radio, should not have received the condemnations it has. Anyone paying attention to this debate should be offended by those who have selectively quoted me, distorted my meaning, and taken out of context the dialogue I engaged in this week. Such distortions from 'leaders' of organizations and parties is a disgrace not only to the organizations and institutions they serve, but to the First Amendment. [...]"
-excerpt from statement 9/30/05

I wish I had seen this for myself...

"[...]I'll not take instruction from Teddy Kennedy. A young woman likely drowned because of his negligence. I'll take no moral instruction with him. That's much worse than legal gambling what Teddy Kennedy did. He should make no judgments at all about people. He shouldn't be in the Senate. As far as racist and all this other stuff, I'll put my record up with Howard Dean, with Harry Reid."
-excerpt from interview on Hannity and Colmes 9/29/05

I hope you give him a listen, Monday should be interesting...

Andrew McCarthy

Captain's Quarters

Exile from Hillary's Village

Then you have this sort of brilliance...Check out her "related" articles... good grief...

One last thought, why doesn't President Bush stand by those that stand by him? Why did the White House feel it necessary to distance themselves?

Update 10/4/05: Go visit my husband for his take on the matter...

This was taken in a park in Historic Louisville, KY (Louisville is pronounced Lewlvull)

Have a great week everyone.


Wonder Woman said...

Nice job!

I wish I could hear these guys...I have to settle for reading about it.

Cheers, Cathy.

Cathy said...

Thanks WW!

Many radio stations offer streaming radio...

Here are a couple:

For Bill, Laura, Dennis, Michael Medved, Hugh Hewit, Mike Gallagher:

For Glenn, Rush, Sean, Savage:

This station also carries George Noory/ Art Bell... you can get the latest on "chem trails, "shadow people", werewolves, aliens, and vampires...oh my....!

If you go to the websites I linked, all will have a station guide and many will have streaming radio...

chrys said...

Look'n like "three columns" - Brother's in Lexington and Nephew is engineering sup for one of the Luisville,KY channels! Hmmm

Robinik said...

Hi Cathy,
You tell me "Ty for visit my site"
here: .
I'm very glad to recieve you visit but my offical Blog is I came here every day because we are both in the ItaloAmericanFlagLeague :)

God Bless USA!

Hi From Italy ;)

chrys said...


Cathy said...

Don't sweat it Chrys... you spelled it phonetically....

The Exile said...

By far, his program attracts the most intelligent callers (do a side by side comparision to callers of Michael Gallagher...)

And if you really want a laugh, compare them with the callers on Air Unamerican!

I caught that interview on Fox News, and Bill Bennett's disgust and contempt for Teddy (Whattya YOU lookin' at?) Kennedy was awe-inspiring. It was truly something to behold. Every Conservative should act exactly like that any time Teddy's name comes up.

Thanks for the link. I must say that this is the first time that I've been on the same list as Captain Ed "Fishsticks" Morrisey and Andrew McCarthy.

Captain Ed lives in town here, and one local columnist in the Minneapolis Red Star and Tribunal calls him "Captain Fishsticks". He used to do it on Air America...until they cancelled his show (grin).

Again, thanks for the link. I will reciprocate as soon as I get done playing lumberjack in my back yard.