Sunday, October 23, 2005

I Got Nothin'

Sunny Hi 84 Lo 60 for Baghdad, Iraq
Cloudy, Rainy Hi 54 Lo 41 for Northern Kentucky, USA

Featured Song of the Week: Virtual Insanity, Jamiroquai

I'm not sure if you noticed last week, but VideoCodeZone has upgraded and I now have the ability to show multiple videos so you can fast forward through songs if you like, but the first song will always be my "featured" song and one that follows the theme of my Sunday ramble. I'll take requests...VideoCodeZone may not have it, but I'll request it from them... Also, 1st generation videos (from the days when MTV actually played music videos) are of a poor quality and I may have to pass on your request - but I'll let you know.

Also playing on the Juke Box: 2. Groove is in the Heart - DeeLite, 3. Rubberneckin' - Elvis Presley (Paul Oakenfold remix), 4. Goin' Back to Cali - LL Cool J, 5. Smooth - Santana, featuring dude from Match Box 20 (can't think of his name... it's 3:30A.M. gimme a break)

Why am I up in the middle of night? Well, Michael and I watched Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events. Go here for the official website. I've been stuck all day on what my topic was going to be... Obviously... nothing... and because of this, the featured song pretty much explains my mental state and obsession for getting something on this blog for Sunday morning.

Guess who taught herself how to make buttons that actually take you somewhere...yes, tis I, yours truly... See all the things that can be accomplished when suffering insomnia? Check out my sidebars... yep... (slight grin and patting myself on the back)...
***please let me know if you are unable to click on any of the photos below to see a larger version***

Last weekend, Michael and I toured Maker's Mark Distillery. When we started on our journey, we came upon this...

The campus is absolutely beautiful and it was truly an interesting tour. If you have never had Maker's, I must recommend it - Kentucky's finest bourbon...

Michael and I visited Cancun spring 2004. Wow.
We stayed at Spa Aventura, an all inclusive resort and spa. This was one of the best vacations we have ever taken. While there I took full advantage of the spa - facials, massage, sauna, etc, etc... We were treated like royalty. I have never experienced such service. Everyone was friendly and polite and catered to our every need. Our room was equipped with a full complimentary bar and jacuzzi. The only downside of Spa Aventura was that there wasn't a beach. The area is incredibly rocky, so a lagoon was created.

While there, we made a day trip to Chichen Itza. If you have never been, it is an amazing sight and I recommend you visit. We took the tour provided by the resort. There was a large group. We loaded on a tour bus and headed inland. The drive as I recall was about two hours long and there is no doubt about it, Michael and I were convinced we were going to die on one of those so called roads. The "roads" were paved... with dips and craters the size of a Mini Cooper. The roads were so narrow, there was room for only one car to drive, so if there was oncoming traffic, our expert bus driver would quite literally drive off the side of the road into a gully and give room to the oncoming vehicle. never slowing down.... and this guy flew...The scene in Planes Trains and Automobiles where John Candy and Steve Martin finally realize that they are "going the wrong way"... Steve Martin has to pull his fingers out of the dash board... that was us.

I remember Arturo, our tour guide at Chichen Itza commented on the extinction of the Mayan people. In his words, "De Mayan peeple are not gone. Oh no, only de government of de ancient Mayans are gone. De beautiful and strong Mayan people are everywhere. Dey are working at your resort, dey are everywhere." Arturo was correct. They are beautiful people. I'm not exactly tall... but at 5'2" I felt like a giant standing next to the Mayans (Arturo requested that we refer to the locals as such). Tiny frames yet squarely built. Beautiful faces with dark brown soulful eyes; smiles that would warm you on the coldest winter day. Michael and I worry about them now, but I think about what Arturo said. They are strong. They will survive this hurricane too. Just the same, I will continue to pray for their safety.

Michael climbing the pyramid. My irrational fear of falling up steps prevented me from making the trek with him.

The Plaza of a Thousand Columns

Sunrise at Spa Aventura, Palace Resort

Military blog of the week: Akinoluna

The men and women of Italy are our friends. Thanks to this wonderful medium I have met a few patriots. As a typical American, I am embarrassed to admit that I know little about politics in other countries. However, thanks to Right Nation, Otimaster, and Robinik that is slowly changing.

Do me a favor too... all 3 of you that visit here. Make sure you visit my friend, Wonder Woman at A North American Patriot. She sends me folks every single Sunday. I'd like to return the favor. Tell 'er Cath sent ya.

Rob is still having technicl difficulties, so he asked that I post something there... the pressure... I'm delirious and insane and could not come up with anything to write here... what the heck am I going to write over there?

Alright folks, I'm not going to proof this. I'm finally getting sleepy... When I wake, although taboo, I will make any necessary corrections. If you would be so inclined, let me know what needs to be corrected. This will save me a little time.

Have a great week everyone.


Peakah said...

I appreciate the kind comment over at my site... wow, what a post, where do I begin!?

How about a song request? I'll put a request in for a video (if you can find one!) for G Love and Special Sauce, here's a link to one of their videos. They're one of my favorite bands outta Philly.

I had a roomie from your area of Kentucky who would bring some Maker's from home after time off. I had it a few times and loved it. Kentucky no doubt makes the best bourbon... but I'm biased toward the Irish whiskey myself, Jameson!

Wow, amazing pictures of Cancun. If you have any fascination for the lost cultures of that area, decentents of the Ancient Toltecs specifically, you've must have read Carlos Canstaneda's books about Don Juan Matus... a sorcerer from that area. Fascinating stuff, will change the way you perceive the world for sure.

Oh, and thanks for the introduction to wonder woman, I joined the "I am Pro Victory" blogroll after seeing it on your site.

Keep up the good work, don't be a strangah!

chrys said...

ANYWAY - Here's a site I found while looking for something to improve my capacity for creativity where in my cypberlife - for your building pleasures:

Jedi Master Rob said...

Thanks for covering for me again. Once I'm up and running again, I'm going to drink more Makers Mark for creative purposes. It should make my posts more entertaining.

chrys said...

Chill'n here boss - just chill'n - THANKS!

Otimaster said...

Hello Cathy,

Every time that I can I read yours blog and that one of Mike.

Your friend