Sunday, February 18, 2007

I Know I Need a Small Vacation

Rain - Hi 67 Lo 50 for Baghdad, Iraq
Snow - Hi 21 Lo 6 for Northern KY, USA

Song of the week: Wichita Lineman, performed by Glen Campbell, written by Jimmy Webb.

I have always liked Glen Campbell. I remember he had a television show when I was really little... possibly 4 or 5 years old. In speaking with my grandmother, she said that I loved the show and I would stop whatever I was doing and watch him sing. There is something I find comforting in his voice, the lyrics, the melody. In all the songs that I adore that he performed there is a certain longing... something is just on the horizon...just out of reach, it always feels like winter to me... but that warmth is always there... just around the corner...


I don't feel like blogging... Michael and I took a drive yesterday... instead here are some photos.

You can click on the photographs to enlarge, if you so desire.

The first two are actually from Thursday... On my way home from work, thought I'd try and snap a few pictures of the after effects of the ice storm we had. Unfortunately, the images really don't capture the overwhelming beauty of the everything being turned to crystal. Had I gotten to the park 20 minutes earlier (and not done so many donuts in the parking lot), the sunset would have been spectacular...

Michael and I ran a couple of errands and decided to take his new truck out for a ride... This is heading south down Route 42....

About an hour south of home the snow started to come down pretty hard, so it was time to head back home...

These were huge icicles coming out of the rock alongside the road... the thing that had us scratching our heads was the color... one was bright blue... another yellow, another red... someone surely had too much time on their hands or another possible theory is that primary colored icicles are a direct result of global warming....

The roads became snow covered pretty quickly...


Wichita Lineman

I am a lineman for the county and I drive the main road
Searchin' in the sun for another overload
I hear you singin' in the wire, I can hear you through the whine
And the Wichita Lineman is still on the line

I know I need a small vacation but it don't look like rain
And if it snows that stretch down south won't ever stand the strain
And I need you more than want you, and I want you for all time
And the Wichita Lineman is still on the line

And I need you more than want you, and I want you for all time
And the Wichita Lineman is still on the line

Have a great week everyone!


David said...

Yeh, memories. Funny thing, Jimmy Webb's brother lived down the hall in the dorm the first few years I was in college. Arranged for his brother to come do a concert at our lil college, and several music majors had the priviledge of doing really quick transcriptions/transpositions for instrumentalists.

No, my manuscripting was too sloppy for that gig. :-) (The reason I glommed onto computer transcription software as soon as I could... nearly 2 decades later)

Cathy said...

David: That is so great! The songs that Jimmy Webb wrote were short on length but the impact was unforgettable. If you hear a song he has written, it will inevitably stay with you all day.

Thanks for coming by- I've been pretty bad--- I've not stopped in your place in a while. I'll make it up to you.