Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Semper Gratus Has the Video

Yes... this story is over a week old... and you may have already seen this, but I'm here to say we must not forget... and it is a reminder that we must show support for our military.
I was listening to a father this morning on the radio. His son was coming home from Iraq today. The radio host asked what our troops need more than anything else and without hesitation... the dad said, "they need our support."

Check out my sidebar... there are so many ways to offer support... from email to care packages...

Go visit Gunn Nutt at Semper Gratus, but before you do... make yourself a nice cup of coffee--- decaf if you must (bring some Pepto) and set aside about 30 minutes-- 3 different videos - about 10 minutes each from the "Peace Rally". Joshua Sparling is in it... see for yourself what these Peaceniks say to this young man.... It is a trainwreck... Take note of all the signs and who sponsored them.... It is sickening what is said to these heroes..

Go... Go Now!!
Thanks Gunn Nutt!!

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