Sunday, February 25, 2007

Rewind and Replay... Not Quite...

Sunny - Hi 73 Lo 52 for Baghdad, Iraq
Rain - Hi 50 Lo 33 for Northern KY, USA

Song of the week: Angry American,
Toby Keith

I started out on You Tube looking for a tribute with the backdrop of Toby's song, which I have used a couple of times as my Song of the Week, however, none suited my feelings...none suited where we are today. All of the videos I found had flags waving, visions of the towers falling, the American people united, and soldiers fighting. I wish we were united against this evil, but we are not. I am uncontrollably angry. I am livid.


On August 7, 2005 I wrote about my anger AND hope after Lima Company took a huge blow in a post titled, Anger and Hope. Not much has changed... except I'm not so hopeful these days. I have grown weary. Below is an excerpt from the original post, if you want the links listed in the post please go to my original post here.
I am angry.
Those Marines were battling men that hide behind masks, that do cruel things that are too vile to discuss in a polite society. Torture? Please, go ahead and drive me crazy about talk of Abu Ghraib (Yes, I have seen all the photos, including the ones they don't show on the news...) and Guantanamo... No heads were viciously cut off in front of cameras...DO you remember hearing the blood curdling screams of those poor souls? Yes, there are a few idiots in our midst... I am ashamed that they are Americans--Lynndie England and Charles Graner (the most photographed) and the others, but we find them, remove them, and punish them accordingly. I'm disgusted by Janis Karpinski AND with the military that did not send her to be court-martialed... She allowed Abu Ghraib to happen on her watch... I'm sure she wasn't court-martialed because the military has blame in this too. She was placed in a job that she had no business in. I bet she was promoted through the ranks because she is a woman. (How many of us know people at work that have been promoted that should have been fired? Show of hands?) She is incompetent... You know it, I know it... and I can write it because I'm of the same gender...(you know what I mean... that whole politically correct thing... another topic for another time) Now I hear she is on the speaker circuit, trying to make a buck. I guess she is professing how hard it is to be a Brigadier General (was demoted to Colonel) in the Army in Iraq... boo hoo hoo...

Look... We don't torture and murder innocent civilians like Leon Klinghoffer, or Italian hero Fabrizio Quatrocchi, or the crew and passengers of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie Scotland, or Daniel Pearl ****LINK NOT APPROPRIATE FOR CHILDREN AND SOME ADULTS****. We don't kill our athletes when they don't perform. We don't treat women like cattle... worse than cattle... We don't rape women and young girls and then murder them because they are no longer pure... We don't send a car filled with explosives into Embassies (Tehran, Beirut, Kuwait) to maim and kill civilians... We don't boobeytrap our own CHILDREN with explosives to kill soldiers!! We don't fill a back pack with explosives, board trains and buses and blow people to bits... Oh, and we don't fly jetliners into skyscrapers and kill thousands either!!!

We are fighting evil and it is real. It is tangible...You can touch the face of a terrorist- he isn't the bogeyman... You know as well as I do who the bad guys are....I must remind those that will listen to the Michael Moores and Al Frankens and all the politicians that would prefer to sell our collective souls to the devil that we need to to remember who the enemy is.... The Jawa Report **** NOT APPROPRIATE FOR CHILDREN AND SOME ADULTS*** does an excellent job of reminding everyone in his blog entry, Avenging Cpl. Jeffrey A. Boskovich. Every time we start to forget the reason why we are fighting these extremest cowards... we should reflect on those awful images and sounds of horror as a reminder....

After this part of the post, I had provided reasons as to why I was hopeful. Today I wonder to myself whether or not I'm being sucked into a vacuum... Where is our sense of priority? Where is our personal sense of duty? Where is our accountability and responsibility? Anna Nicole... why is she still news? She is dead... and I don't think she is going to wake up... if she does then it would be Night of the Living Dead and I WOULD want to know about that. Britney Spears? Why do we care about this sad unfortunate bit of white trash? Jet Blue? I was flipping through the cable channels early yesterday morning and the banter went something like this:

Talking head with boobs # 1: "So, this was really traumatic for the folks on board, probably one of the most traumatic events anyone flying could endure. This is probably the worst case scenario when we are flying. What will Jet Blue do to prevent this from happening ever again?"

Talking head with boobs # 2: "Well, Jan the CEO has taken all the right steps. Time will tell whether it is enough."
Folks--- let's get one thing clear. If sitting on an *expletive * expletive* jet for hours is the most traumatic event that occurs in one's life...then I'd say... SHUT UP!!!

OH... and the most traumatic event that can occur on a jet? Hmmmmmm.... let's see... How about being on board with a bunch of terrorists that decide... "Yeah... this jet... it will make a great, let's slash the throats of the crew with box cutters and take over this jet and go blow up some buildings..." Me personally, I think THAT would be the most traumatic event on a plane- but that's just me.

Good Grief!! There are soldiers and Marines that are fighting and DYING for us... They are wondering whether or not they have our support. We have asked these young men and women to do things that we can not begin to imagine. They do it- they do it for the sake of us- unappreciative, lazy, complaining whiners. They are keeping the fight OVER THERE!!!

Oh and check this out... as I'm perusing blogs as I like to do... I found this post....
Cut'n'run...............sounds like a plan

"If the U.S. leaves before the job is done, the enemy could follow us here." Quoted from a speech the president gave recently.

F*** You, Mr. President................................let them follow us.........

They've kicked our ass to a stalemate on their turf long enough. They control most of the battlefield. They pick away at our young service members with relative impunity. They die martyrs..........deluded, but happy to do so. We die for our "cause". A far less fulfilling fate.

So...................f*** you Dubya. Bring 'em home. Let's defend the Homeland from home. Let them be the strangers in a strange land.

OH - MY - GOD!!! This guy thinks it's a great idea to fight 'em here... Fighting on our streets? Where our children play? Where our loved ones and homes can be blown up? With the exceptions of the so called occasional "Hate Crimes" or Teenage Angst Issues gone awry.... have we not prevented attacks on our soil? Why does this guy think it's a great idea to bring the battle here? To fill our streets with terrorists? Why? Am I missing something? Please help me out! Again... Am I living in some sort of vacuum??? What is this???

We have a bunch of whiney *expletive* politicians maneuvering and saying what they will to get our vote.... I am so sick and freaking tired of them!!! Which candidate is going to have the *expletive* to stand up and say,

I don't see anyone on the horizon that looks like that, do you? Where is our next hero? It certainly isn't in the pack of Republicans I see... I want someone rabid- I want someone angry - someone that realizes what is at stake. I send off weekly notes to my representatives. Am I doing any good? Am I the only one?

So, I don't know what to do with my anger. I thank God everyday for our Marines and soldiers. I pray for them. I pray for our Commander in Chief. I support them and their mission, but I must ask,

What else am I to do? Am I all alone?

UPDATE 8:AM: Thanks Major Pain for posting this. Thanks for reminding me that there are good men in Washington fighting the good fight. Go watch Congressman Johnson speak.


DragonLady said...


Jeff said...

Hi Cath,

I especially liked your post today. There are many thoughts, none of them civil, that run through my mind when I listen to the people that are supposedly Americans wish not only for our defeat on the battlefield but the destruction of our country. It is also very disheartening to Patrick whom I have had many conversations with regarding the lack of support for the mission and the soldiers tasked with carrying out that mission.

lynn said...

I usually do not read blogs, but yours caught my attention. As the proud mother of a deployed Marine you brought tears to my eyes and wrote my thoughts, Thank you for your support and for getting it. Sure wish more real ppl would understand that freedom isn't free.

BlackOps said...

Wow, now I see what you meant. I see we are literally on the same page. Reading your post of course only validated more of my own feelings about a great many things and of course made even more angry. Something must be done, Im just not sure what yet, I will have to ponder this one for a bit. Thanks for this one.

Cathy said...

DL: I appreciate your sentiment. I just wish we had a bigger chorus shouting amen.

Jeff: Thanks for commenting. Patrick has a tough road, but I've no doubt he will get the support he needs from his family. I know there are many many folks out there that support our military...just not sure where they are right now. He definitely has Michael and my support. That you can count on.

Lynn: First and foremost--THANK YOU! Thank you for raising a child that has an understanding that some things are worth fighting for, that there is right and wrong, good and evil. Thank you for the SACRIFICE you make everyday while your son is away. And finally- please please thank your son for me. He has my support completely!!!!

BlackOps: I told you. It IS in the air... in surfing various blogs... there is a funk that everyone seems to be in... I think we are at some sort of crossroads. We are looking to do more than just voice our opinions. On Wednesday, I'm going to be posting about a forum I have joined--- it looks promising... it appears to be fairly organized. It's just good to know, I'm not the only one. When I read your blog I was truly relieved.

Wonder Woman said...

Don't let them get you down, Toots.
You know you're not alone...sometimes it just feels that way.
What is important is that you make sure the guys and gals fighting over there don't feel alone -- and you do a GREAT job of that.

bernie said...

You're not alone.

And just as we lucked out having a cowboy when we needed one on 9/11 I believe when the time comes we'll have someone with the guts to stand up to all the defeatist idiots running around.

Cathy said...

Good to see you commenting again WW!

Bernie, I certainly hope you are correct. By the way, I've checked out your blog--- good stuff. I like the story telling.