Saturday, March 31, 2007

Allison Krauss & Union Station

It's Saturday night and I'm struggling to find the right Sunday song... Primarily because I can not stay on task... I was completely immersed in the Barenaked Ladies Bathroom Sessions... good stuff... seriously... go to You Tube and search for Barenaked Ladies Bathroom Sessions... watch One Week... love it! Then I got off track and started watching all the vile Rosie O'Donnell clips from The View... someone... please for the love of anyone... have Glenn Beck duct tape her freaking mouth....

I spent some time over at mtvU's Best Music on Campus... I love the melody on a song by a band called Autifoy... the song is called Alive.... go take a listen. I want this song for my iPod!!!!

So, I also spent quite a bit of time on my Amazon Account today... I can't tell you how much I spent today... just know that I can't wait for all my stuff...

Where was I? Yeah... I have been pining for the Allison Krauss' Live Album and bought it... and this song, Baby, Now That I Found You is on this album. Many folks believe this is an original of hers, but in fact it is a cover song. I actually love the original just as much... Afterall, it is from the 60's... and it's pop... although some say it is Motown... but it can't be Motown since these fellas came from across the pond... how about soul or R&B?

So, since I'm on a roll and really just going with the whole A.D.D. thing... Here's some trivia... What was that 60's pop group that originally sang this? Hint listed below the video... no cheating.

The video is out of sync....I hate that! So, just listen...

This same 60's band also sang Build Me Up Buttercup which was featured in this movie:

NO CHEATING!!! Answer posted on Sunday's edition....


seejanemom said...

I found Allison Kraus on the COLD MOUNTAIN soundtrack, though I had heard her unusual voice before and loved it.

Her duet with Sting is a personal favorite.

She could sing the PHONEBOOK and it would make me happy to listen for hours.


Anonymous said...

Hey Cathy,
Glad you enjoyed our song "Alive". Keep listening, we'll have new songs out soon. Thanks!