Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday Funny, TGIF Edition

Thanks to Shallow and Tacky, I found Cats That Look Like Hitler. This is a website dedicated to pet owners that love their little "kitlers"....
So... if you are looking for a good laugh, go visit both sites.

If you don't find it amusing... good grief... go find a sense of humor.

And now an oldie but but a goodie... Thanks, Tony.

A guy was sitting quietly reading his paper when his wife walked up behind him and whacked him on the head with a magazine.

"What was that for?" he asked.

"That was for the piece of paper in your pants pocket with the name Laura Lou written on it," she replied.

"Two weeks ago when I went to the races, Laura Lou was the name of one of the horses I bet on," he explained.

"Oh honey, I'm sorry," she said. "I should have known there was a good explanation."

Three days later he was watching a ball game on TV when she walked up and hit him in the head again, this time with the iron skillet, which knocked him out cold.

When he came to, he asked, "What in the world was that for?"

She replied, "Your horse called."


Dakotaranger said...

Laura Lou was Mr. Ed's Twin sister, yeah that's the ticket.

Dakotaranger said...

Today the catnip, tomarrow the Tuna.

Creechman said...

Oh my God, that "Cats That Look Like Hitler" link is so hilarious. Kinda creepy too.

I'm not showing it to Emerson.

Catherine said...

Kitlers? Very clever. When I find the site for fat, smart alecky butterball tabbies, I'll send my J.R.'s pix in.