Sunday, August 12, 2007

Place Your Bets

Sunny - Hi 111 Lo 87 for Baghdad, Iraq
Sunny - Hi 104 Lo 76 for Qandahar, Afghanistan
Sunny - Hi 94 Lo 71 for Northern KY, USA

Song of the week: Back in Flesh, Wall of Voodoo

Call of the West was an album that will forever be embedded in my brain. It was an album that Jimi and Monkey played over and over and over. The guys loved Stan Ridgeway's voice and as I recall they both did a great imitation of Stan... Wait, who am I kidding? I did an amazing imitation myself... I liked Wall of Voodoo because they were danceable (in a New Wave, 80's kind of way). Those less fortunate that may not be familiar with this music selection are more apt to remember a fun little diddy they did called Mexican Radio. In any event, the video clip this week is from a movie called Urgh! A Music War which I would love to have on DVD, but unfortunately it isn't available. I think I may post additional videos from Urgh! A Music War, but then again, I still have my Betamax tape that I could pop in and watch on my Sony Betamax player...


It's hot here. I mean really freaking hot... We haven't had weather like this in a number of years... we hit 100 degree temperatures a couple of days last week and well... jeez... it's just hot. It has also been incredibly dry--- we have had very little rain this summer. Grass is dead. Trees are stressed. Michael is happy, he hasn't had to cut the grass in ages.

Adriaan's memorial is set for the last Sunday of this month. I was addressing the invitations last night for his memorial/life celebration (the reason for the lateness of this post). For my mom in law's sake, I'll be glad when it's over.

On other front's I'm hosting girlfriend JoAnna's baby shower. I'm thinking about taking wagers based on the photographs on Jedi Master Rob's blog as to when JoAnna is gonna deliver her baby. Her actual due date is November 11.... I'm hosting a shower on September 16. I have all kinds of things planned... yes... sorry... Jo... I know I said no games... but well... yeah I hate shower games too... Possibly more than anyone else on this planet... be it a wedding shower or a baby shower... but... with that said.... we are going to have one game... heh heh heh... but I'll make up for the game... promise.

What the heck... I snagged the pictures...

The photo on the left was taken on 5/31 and the photo on the right was taken on 8/2. Go ahead. Place your bets. When do you think girlfriend Jo is going to deliver her baby??? If you decide to play...

  • In the comments post the date you believe JoAnna is going to deliver her baby.
  • You can not select a date that has already been picked.
  • Also include your methodology in determining the date.
  • If anyone plays I'll add the names (with links when applicable) and dates at the bottom of this post. When Jo delivers the baby, whoever is closest to her actual delivery date will get a special little prize.

I'll be the first one to guess... I think JoAnna is going to go early. My guess is 10/31... yes that's Halloween... Jo and the Jedi got married on Halloween, so it would be just like them to have a baby on that date.

Delivery Dates:

October 3, 2007 Jenna
October 15, 2007 Marti **
October 26, 2007 Kate
October 30, 2007 Cindy
October 31, 2007 Cathy
November 1, 2007 Rob **
November 17, 2007 Kim

** may possibly have insider information....

Have a great week everyone!


Jedi Master Rob said...

I'm thinking November 1st.

Kate said...

October 26th... the best birthday present possible. :)

Jenna said...

Kim: November 17th

Jenna: November 3rd

Marti said...

MEME MARTI: October 15th

Jenna said...

Oops, I meant October 3rd, not November 3rd! Sorry. :)

Cindy said...

I vote for October 30th. She will actually arrive on the 31st but that date was already taken