Saturday, August 18, 2007

Urgh! A Music War

I've been slowly making my way through Andy Summer's autobiography, One Train Later. It is an enjoyable, frank look at fame and celebrity through a rock star's eyes from the 60's through the 80's. Andy is an accomplished musician and has a distinct sound all his own.

I mentioned that since you can't get the movie, Urgh! A Music War on DVD, I may add some of the clips here. Here are 2 more... One of my favorites by The Police - Driven to Tears.

And for you Danny Elfman fans... some old Oingo Boingo. I loved these guys. Never had the chance to see them. Don't know who Danny Elfman is? Yes you do... For you fans of music from the 80's... most popular Oingo Boingo song is... Weird Science... and if you loved Rodney Dangerfield... Oingo Boingo played at Rodney's dorm party... Played the song "It's a Dead Man's Party"... in the movie, Back to School. Too Much Fun! OK... still stuck? Danny Elfman's influence as a music composer is everywhere...anything with Tim Burton will have music and a theme song most likely done by Danny Elfman--- from Pee Wee's Big Adventure, to Batman, to Big Fish, to Men in Black, to Corpse Bride... that's Danny's music carrying you from scene to scene... Oh... and I guess his most famous theme song? Uh... That would be the theme song to The Simpsons.

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