Thursday, September 06, 2007

A Needed Get Away, Part 4

The Hungarian restaurant we wanted to go to, Balaton, was closed for the holiday. So, it was suggested we head to Little Italy where we ate at Maxi's. It was a cozy atmosphere- the food was good although a little overpriced. The best part of the meal was the drama between the wait staff and kitchen staff. There were only 2 servers and they were excellent. Based on our observations Patricia and I decided that the cook and one of the servers had a thing going on. We created a fun little scenario about love and betrayal and life in Little Italy... So all in all we had a lovely time.

Afterwards, we headed back towards the University and made our way to a little place called the Barking Spider Tavern. It was a nice mix of locals and college students and gave us a real feel for the folks in this area. We sat outside and had a couple of frosty beverages (actually I had a glass of wine) and listened to the folk band through a couple of sets.

All in all, we had a full day.

I think one, possibly two more posts on our jaunt will do it...

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