Saturday, July 22, 2006

Oh Meme! I almost forgot!

Nearly a month ago the fabulous Laura from Laura's Miscellaneous Musings tagged me with this cute meme... I told Laura that I'd do it and then of course, promptly forgot...

Well, when I'm not forgetful, I like to keep my promises.. so - here goes.

1. What's the last book you read? Back in Action: An American Soldier's Story of Courage, Faith and Fortitude by David Rozelle

2. What did you eat for breakfast? Haven't had breakfast yet... working on a cup of tea... I know... don't tell anyone... I sometimes like a cup of tea...

3. What was your first pet and what was its name? A pekapoo named Romeo.

4. Do you know latitude from longitude? Yes.

5. If you could take your dream vacation, where would you go? Nationally - Washington D. C. (again)- There is so much to see there and in the surrounding area. Internationally - Okinawa (again) to visit my family and I'd also like to visit Hungary and Italy and New Zealand.

6. What's your favorite shower soap? Bath & Body Works Mango Mandarin
7. Mustard or mayo? both

8. Tell a knock-knock joke you know.

Knock- Knock!

Who's There?


Vera who?

Vera few people think knock knock jokes are funny!

9. How old were you when you got your driver's license? 16.

10. If you cook or bake, what's your favorite thing to make? If you don't cook or bake, what's your favorite thing that your mom makes? I don't bake... my mom definitely doesn't bake... isn't that just pitiful?

11. From memory - who wrote Beowulf? Oh.... memories of Freshman High School Lit class and Mr. R. the hippy teacher.... yeah... Beowulf was one of his favorites, but I had forgotten that the author was unknown... Even then, I hated hippies...

That was fun! Thanks Laura! I won't ask anyone to play, but if you are so inclined, please let me know!


Laura said...

That was fun, thanks for playing!

I LOVED that old Disneyland photo...ah, the memories!! Thanks for putting that up too! :)


Mark said...

Nice chicks from a nice chick.

Anonymous said...

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