Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sunday Morning and I Got Nothin'...

Sunny- Hi 109 Lo 86 for Baghdad, Iraq
Partly Sunny - Hi 83 Lo 66 for Northern KY, USA

Song of the week: Fire and Rain,
James Taylor


This is the first time I've had to make myself sit down and post... go figure. I'm annoyed with how my blog looks to everyone but me... as you can see from the photo... the way I see it looks fine, but a dozen of you have been kind enough to point out that it looks like crap in Firefox and NOW Internet Explorer. [deep sigh] So, hopefully sooner rather than later, I will have a new look. I've purchased a domain... but I don't have the patience to set it all up myself. I'm shopping right now for someone to spruce this place up.... It has to be completed before 9/11 because of the project that I'm participating in... 2996... Don't forget.

So anyway, I'm completely unmotivated to write not to mention I have the attention span of a 3 year old, I thought I'd play some sweet baby James and offer up some snippits...

I hope Italy beats the stuffing out of France. Viva Italia!!!!

I don't watch much television, but I'm addicted to The Office. So much so, that I have five of the episodes downloaded to my iPod. There are going to be summer "webisodes" starting July 13... I can't wait. In my lifetime, I've had 2 managers just like Michael on the show...What is wrong with these people? Honestly! I also have the British version of The Office on DVD... love that one too. On the American version there is Jim and Pam... The Brits had Tim and Dawn... Love it!

A couple of weeks ago Michael and I for the second time visited Whitehall, the home of Cassius Marcellus Clay. This was one heck of a man. He and Henry Clay were cousins. Cassius served in the Mexican War, was ambassador to Russia under Abraham Lincoln, a newspaper publisher, and was a staunch abolitionist. After he got ticked off at the government, he quit paying taxes because the government was not serving the American people. As a publisher of The True American, his life as well as the lives of his family were constantly threatened because of the editorials strongly opposing slavery. Cassius was never a man to back down from a fight. So, the building in which his newspaper was published had a very skinny door by design to prevent a mob from coming through. In the event a group of men wanted to come in and kill him they would be forced to enter the building one at a time where they would be met by a couple of cannons mounted on either side of the doorway. Cassius was never a man to be trifled with. However, our favorite story about Cassius Clay was late in his life... He was 89 years old and three would be robbers crept up to his home and broke in. Well, Cassius shot the first guy - dead... took his Bowie knife (which was probably given to him by Jim Bowie) and stabbed the second would be robber to death. The third guy had enough sense to run away... Don't mess with a Kentuckian and his property.... Where is our Cassius Clay today?

More on Cassius Clay here.

I just finished the introduction to Bill Bennett's history book, America The Last Best Hope Volume I. I can't wait to dig in.

And finally, despite the mainstream media's efforts, we caught some more bad guys.

Blogs and Links to Check Out This Week:

I didn't look at any "new" blogs this week. Too many things on my to do list...

Have a great week everyone!


Merri said...

Cathy - if you are looking for someone commercially to do your site, I strongly recommend Apothegym Designs at - they did both of my skins on my site and my hubby's site as well...they ROCK. I can hook you up if you are interested or you can pop over to their site. They even take care of me after the site design. :-)

michele said...

You blog my not be the prettiest blog out there but it has a certain charm. Don't let it get you down. Content still trumps looks.

Karmyn R said...

Just for the record - I think your blog looks fine! and James Taylor! AAAHHH - perfect listening music while reading about Cassius Clay! THANKS!

(Oh - and I just did a template change on my blog. Part of me misses the old, but the new is growing on me!)

Cathy said...

Merri - I love yours and hubby's blog design. I'll check into them. Do they do everything?

Michele - You are amazing. I have been playing all day and I come home to a series of email... what a sweetheart!

Thanks Karmyn! We went on another house tour today down in Louisville. I'll be sharing that history lesson in the next few weeks!

Jedi Master Rob said...

Your blog forces one to go looking and scanning about. The great thing about that is that there is always something to be found that wasn't noticed before. I dig it.

GeorgeWalker said...

Dear Cathy..thanks 4 your support!
We beat the damn French!!!
We are the champions of the world and the whole world has been supporting Italy!!
Fuck France LOL

Cathy said...

LOL George! Congratulations to you and your fellow Italians for your victory over France!

Remember, I keep a PG blog too!! ;-)

GNN Staffer said...

Viva Italia!!

GeorgeWalker said...

ooops Cathy LOL:D
thank you all! We played and win against france for you as well:)
Remember the US team has been the only one who stopped italy on 1-1.
You have to be proud and look forward to competing at higher and higher levels.
Bruce Arena was crazy not bringing Freddy Adu to germany,he's a great player.
Forza Italia!!

Mark said...

I agree with Michele and have gotten in trouble myself before commenting on your blog "weight." But I like visiting.

Isn't it amazing how James Taylor ages, but he still sounds very much like so many years ago. Wonder where Carly is these days. :)

Cathy said...

Goomba News Network is back and I couldn't be happier!! Nicky lives on!

George: I can't tell you how happy it made me to see Italy beat France. It made my week!! Forza Italia!

Mark: (Politics aside)I always enjoy JT... His songs always soothe the soul.