Saturday, September 24, 2005


chrys said...

Came out pretty good! Crash should be required watching for people who use "blanket" statements. It might entertain them into thinking before they talk!

otimaster said...

Hy Cathy,
if you and Mike want to be Honorary Members of you write it to me in a comment and we will add yours link.

Your friend


Jedi Master Rob said...

It's surreal in a horific way to be in the presense of someone you think you know and then suddenly hear them make some racist statement. In our weaker moments, we have all struggled with our racist demons. Hopefully, the sheer ugliness and stupidity is enough to slap us in the face and provide some much needed "instant-evolution" to rise above such thoughts. It's those who remain and revel in that lazy mindset who perpetuate the problem. We all need to remember this was all one big lottery. I don't remember anyone asking me what color I wanted to be.