Wednesday, September 14, 2005

It couldn't have a decaf latte...

I want to get back to my original premise of blogging once a week- you know, Sunday mornings... BUT (monkey--for all you Laura Ingraham fans), before I do, I must ask you to go visit Pettifog and check out Chrys' passionate commentary on this weeks issue of Newsweek.

This brings me to that Canadian broad, Wonder Woman, and her acute observations. Go check her out- she likes it when you look.

The book, Letters from a Nut is pure sophomoric humor. I love it! So when I visited my Therapist this evening, I was thrilled to see that he has been doing this for years...Ron, I urge you to publish your letters. I guarantee that me and possibly one other person will buy the book. Funny stuff. Check him out... Also, when you are there, read about NAAMP. Important stuff...(she chuckles to herself...)

Lastly, as of today, I have talked to all my customers in the Gulf Coast region. All of them (and their families) are safe. Some suffered minor damage, others lost everything... Some have made the decision to leave the area to never return, others have more resolve to rebuild... All the folks down there still need our support, despite the ridiculous behavior of the few... Michael and I are already discussing plans to go down for Jazz Festival. We have already been invited to a Crawfish Boil... We are there!

And another last thing.... (rambling...see that?)... I still have not received my credit from HSUS. To be continued...

Oh.. and can anyone tell me how I can populate the right sidebar? Please?

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otimaster said...

Hy Cathy
I would want to pass more times here, but the job and the Italian elections engage me a lot, we do not want to allow that the left wins.

Your friend