Wednesday, September 07, 2005

WWL 870 AM Radio - New Orleans

You can listen to local New Orleans radio here.

An update, another of my colleagues has been in touch! An email from Charlie...

"I heard from Roger. He, his wife, and son rode out the storm in Alabama/Florida area. He was concerned about his dad, sister, and brother-in-law--thus he traveled the back-roads to his home area (major roads were off limits). Story Time: The 3 of them had decided to remain home. Storm got worse and 30 foot waves sent them to the roof. A big one carried them away, but they were able to grab another roof top. Next wave took them away again, but once again they were able to grab (all 3 of them) a floating deck and hold on while the wave returned to the gulf. At that point, they were able to run for their lives to a safe haven. I told Roger that I hoped after he hugged them, that he gave them a few choice words."

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