Thursday, September 01, 2005

Refugees in Baton Rouge (aka New Orleans annex)

The following is an email from Charlie- I mentioned him in my Sunday 8/28 blog entry...

First, I want to thank each of you for your thoughts and prayers.
Second, I apologize for not being able to respond sooner.

You probably have more updated information on the big picture than I do, but I'll give you a brief overview of my status. The dtailed version would make for a good novel.
*I have not had electrical power since Sunday and I am unsure when it will be restored. We now have a generator that at least moves the hot humid air, but finding fuel to keep it operating is a challenge.
*I now have 7 displaced N.O. family members (+3 dogs) in my home and anticipate more tomorrow. My folks have 15 displaced family members (but no dogs).
*A network of other displaced friends and family now spans several states + many are staying at various locations thorughout Baton Rouge.
*I have a brother who lives in Gulfport, MS. We learned this morning that he has been in a shelter. Relief!! His house is gone.
*A close friend's father lives on the beach in Gulfport and we have no news on his status, since he had chosen to remain at his home during the hurricane.
*My daughter and her inlaws (+ other family members) anticipate the worst with their homes in Kenner & Metairie, LA (suburb of N.O.). They hope to have an opportunity to return for a brief visit early next week. Unfortunately, my daughter left with very few of her belongings.
*Baton Rouge has traffic gridlock. A city of 450,000 people just became a city of over a million. Housing (rental & purchase) is near zero availability.
*You probably have been seeing the unbelivable rioting and looting in the N.O. area, but I want you to know that the outpouring of support from across the country far exceeds the negative. SPIRITS are up with most everyone concerned and Louisiana will survive.

Since outgoing phone service is nearly impossible, I'll be checking emails once a day. Incoming calls seem to be working sometimes (cell phone), but voice mails don't work. I am trying to contact our customers to offer our business support during the rebuilding process.

On behalf of my family( particularly, those most affected by Katrina) I again want to thank each of you for your kind thoughts. We are alive and well--everything else can be replaced.


On behalf of Charlie's family and friends... please do what you can to help.

No updates on any other folks. Hopefully tonight we'll get through.

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otimaster said...

Thanks for the friendship yours and of Mike, it is a sad moment for America and all its friends, your italian allies pray for yours brother of Louisiana.

Your frien Rob