Thursday, September 08, 2005


Thanks to superhero, Wonder Woman at A North American Patriot, I have removed my link to the Humane Society of the United States as well as pulling their logo. You can view my original blog entry here.

I have since contacted HSUS and they have assured me they will credit my charge card. I will let you know... In the meantime, if you should change your mind and redirect funds, Pet Finder is a sound organization.

You can contact HSUS @ 202-452-1100 or 1.800.486.2631.

Sept. 4: Connecticut medic Donna Nicholson gives water to surrey mules in the French Quarter as they roam New Orleans. AP

I hope Knucklehead is one of these fellas...

Hurricane Katrina victim Sondra Sercovich from Mandeville, Louisiana, waits in line for a food stamp application, and shows off her new furry friend 'Peanut', a 4-week old baby squirrel she rescued after the hurricane. The animal lover who has 11 cats, 12 tortoises, three dogs, two chameleons, and five children, has been keeping the squirrel warm on her chest, and will be intregrating the squirrel into the family.(AFP/Paul J. Richards)

Michael sent this one to me.


Wonder Woman said...

Nice pictures...My kids love the one of 'Peanut'!
I'm so sorry again, about the HSUS plug. I'm so glad you could get your donation back.

Take care, see you Sunday!

chrys said...

Just HI - I've been collecting these animals myself. Welcome to American Flag League! Good site! Followed your lead to the 911 badge.